Tuesday, February 5, 2008

yes , i am home-- been here since sunday pm

hi all---

i would love to answer all of you individually over these last three or so posts-- but it would take me an entire day--- you know-- y'all deserve that time- but today-- i really have a lot to catch up on, and at the moment-- i am half blind and puffy eyed and fat fingered--and i just woke up a little while ago.
so, anyhow-- please don't be offended if i didn't answer you individually.

i do want to tell you all just how much i appreciate everything you have said to me these passed few days--- no matter how much, how little, how detailed, or how simple your comments have been-- every bit of it means the world to me.

it amazes me just how much y''all actually do care about me.
even my newer peeps..
maybe i am not as hard to understand as i feel. or maybe i am, and it's just not as hard to find my way back as i thought it was. i don't know.

i guess i just need to quit trying so hard to figure out the way things work, and why things happen, and just let the world spin as it should... realizing; it isn't gonna stop to let me off-- and it damn sure isn't gonna go any faster to throw me off. so i may as well just hold on, and let life happen. ya reckon?

so anyhow-- a couple have asked.. or wondered if i was back home-- yep-- i got here sunday. i left saturday morning, and only stayed the night out there. someday i would like to stay longer, but after all these years, it's always been only an overnight stay. someday i would like to go when it is warm.. and stay a few days, and fish, and explore out there in the woods, and not just sleep, write, and visit the cemetery.

there is a lot to see out there, a lot to explore and possibly find. there are real arrowheads in some of the creeks and mountains up there.. i just have never stayed long enough to explore much. and the weather seems to suck ass every time i go-- someday-- i'm going in the summertime. and it will be a good time.

anyhow--- i am STLL sore from driving out there. good lord. i need some kind a massage fairy in the worst way. i hurt in places i didn't know could hurt. boob muscles hurt-- from holding the steering wheel with a death grip-- cuz i haven't driven in so damn long-- not like that anyhow. i am used to driving about 60 miles a week.... not damn 350 miles in a day-- especially in a day.
but i won't complain... because really, it was worth it. i didn't say it made sense-- but it was worth it.

so. any of you snow queens want to know the temp in dallas yesterday? i'll tell ya anyhow-- it was a record high of only... 82 degrees ! woo hooo ... :)). i did get out-- but didn't get to fish. the wind was too sucky. and today they say we will pay for that high temp-- with bad storms.. which apparently is going to happen. as i woke at like 3.. something... to the sound of a loud crash of thunder. then several more.. after i got up. it's been a while since i've heard anymore--- i just hope we don't get hail-- or tornadoes. anything but that. not with my garage, once again FULL of crap-- and a new car that could be destroyed by hail damage. i would be sooo pissed. you don't even have to ask.

ok.. anyhow.. i am for some reason, suddenly extremely tired at the moment.. i think i may try to go back to bed-- well... sleep ..in my chair-- for a bit, til it's time to wake my child. which is only like half an hour.
so wish me luck on that,.

hope you all have good days.. i'll try...

(THIS is NOT sushi -- OR a NEW dog..
it was hijacked off the web...
no new dogs here-- not for a while)