Saturday, July 14, 2007

a poem... by moi .. seems lately a lot of people have been posting their poetry on their blogs. although i have been inspired to write something new....i haven't ... yet. but, as i read my friends blogs, and see that almost every one is going through some sort of struggles lately... i was inspired to post this piece, that i wrote many years ago. i wrote it in dedication to a very good friend of mine who literally saved me from myself. in many ways. although i have lost touch with her... i still think of her often, and sometimes wonder... what if our paths didn't cross when they did. and that makes me think of something Josie said.. not verbatum...cuz i can't remember much.... but it was a post about people who stay for a season, or a lifetime, etc... you'll have to go find it to see's really a good post...put up within the last few days i think.

but anyhow.....

i chose this particular poem...written in early 1991 ... because, my friends who come to my blog and say such wonderful things, have literally changed my life these passed few months. i was on the way down real fast. y'all pulled me out of the storm... and i thank all of you. i hope i make y'all smile as much as you do me.

so anyhow... without further ado ... (i have never said that! how funny).. here ya go..

(to my friends that live in the computer!)

Raging Seas

We once were total strangers,
Neither of us cared.
But then we gave some effort,
We talked, we helped, we shared.

I was so weak, alone, afraid,
You were so strong and brave.
you picked me up, and set me straight,
this, in my heart I’ll save.

I learned from you to carry on,
And take life as it comes.
Not to forget, but put away
The pain of what’s been done.

Today, I’m not afraid or weak,
And this, I owe to you.
Your friendly smiles and late night talks,
Have really helped me through.

Against the rocks, on stormy seas,
I constantly was tossed.
But through you I found inside myself,
A strength I’d thought was lost.

So now, this sea of life I sail.
Moves swift and with a peace.
Because you gave so freely,
My raging storm has ceased.