Friday, February 27, 2009

it's "howdy dudy" time!

mornin folks!

i shoulda been a weather guesser -- know why? cuz i would think i could do a better job than these people do around here lately.

have a look-
what's wrong with this picture?

69.6 °F
(27 minutes ago)

(forecast for friday?)
59° F | 38° F

yep-- it's like 6:45 in the morning--and already almost 70 degrees... the sun is even comin up--ohhhh NO- i am not complainin about that. it's just that if you look at the forecast - for today-- we are already ten degrees above the predicted high for the entire day. how stupid. what kind of education do these people need-- or get?

yesterday was off too-- strangely, also by ten degrees. you won't believe how hot it got. we hit 95 degrees yesterday! in frickin february.

did i go outside---ummmm no.
i really regret that-- but i was very busy with other crap -- that my mind tells me cannot wait an hour or two. ugh. so-- that would be a resounding "NO, i did not." -- on the did i go fishin yesterday question. dammit. but i'm goin today. well, i hope to. i'll get back to you on that. cuz i do still have a ton of shit to do.

plus, i was thoroughly exhausted-- from no sleep the night before-- and no nap all day either-- i really hate the not sleeping part of this crap
-- but then.. there are times-- could go on for weeks-- that i sleep too much-- like 15 - 16 hours a day if i include a four or five hour nap.

this bi-polar shit really is for the bears :))

AND THEN-- there's soulkid bein home all all day, which is like havin "pig pen" from charlie brown here all damn day.. leavin little messes every damn where -- for , yep, you guessed it--

ME to clean up my horrid kitchen..etc-- that didn't get done yesterday. well, the dishes did, but ya couldn't tell now. ERG!

SO--- my plan of the day (POD) for today is .. well, i should actually be ready to go by now--to group-- that lasts til noon--but usually doesn't really get out til 12:20-12:30..
so half the day is gone already by the time i leave there.
then i "could" take care of my business-- post office, pay a couple late bills in person . -

AAAND--- the dreaded come home and clean my sty-- ugh-- soooo fun!

OR-- i could wear shorts--and vans --load my fishin rods and tackle--on the way to group-- and head straight to my pond after i'm done there. and just fish til i turn blue!

hmmm...... it doesn't take a genius to figure that one out--does it?

besides----- i need to get UP offa my lazy arse-- the new meds are makin me FAT! and don't even say it's not true-- i got weighed at the doc-- i have already gained six pounds!
somebody haelp me!!!!

welp--- on that happy note-- i must go get ready and hit the road runnin. specially if i gotta load fishin gear.