Tuesday, November 10, 2009

LOOK what i got for you !!!

cats can be so awesome -- sometimes. when they aren't barfing all over your bed, or carpet. or scratching your furniture to death. or perhaps knocking all your nice, antiques or sentimental things off of shelves and running to hide as you stand there helplessly with your eyes closed tightly waiting for the imminent sound of irreplaceable shattering glass. ahhhhh. cats. yes. they are truly one of Gods most amazing creatures.
even through their destructiveness. you just have to appreciate their desire to please the hand that feeds them.

let me show you what i mean.
i know, many of you have seen cats do this before.
for those who haven't -
behold :

"oh my gosh - a snake!"
yes it's small - but the cat doesn't care.
it's a dangerous animal ! :))

"hey lady- let me take care of that for you."
- yes kitty, please do-

"damn, i'm the shiznit"
- yes kitty , you are. -

"hmm, perhaps i should finish him off."
- yes kitty, please do -

"hey lady! come out here, LOOK what i got for you!"
- ok, kitty, i've been watching , but you do deserve praise. -

"see what i did for you? thank you for feeding my family.
i'll be leaving you treats like this forever now.
just keep the food comin!"

aside from that? i have been workin my ass off all weekend long - well sunday and monday i should say. we've been emptying our storage bin. i've seen stuff i haven't seen in literally years. unfortunately, yesterday i came across some emotional things-- (pics of my son Patrick, and some of his things that i held on to). so needless to say, it pretty much wiped me out, and of course my back is payin the price as well.

so--- i have more sorting - puttin away- and other stuff to do .. hopefully i'll find some more recovery time in there as well.

i hope y'all had good weekends, and great weeks ahead of you!

later taterz