Sunday, July 5, 2009

the happiest place on earth ???

holy crap. have y'all heard about this story yet?? it was prolly the first thing i saw online this morning. it took a while to find this video clip. after a while, i began to think it may have been taken away by police or something, but i finally found it.
how crazy. this was taken right after the crash, it looks like there's only one employee there, and a bunch of rattled regular people. no officials yet.
i bet some of those folks will never go back--especially the younger kids... how scary for the little kids. leave a fireworks show and crash on the monorail? then end up with a dead driver. damn. sounds like a day in soul- world... not disneyworld .

anyhow - it's obvious the dude who took the clip wasted NO time selling it-- it already has a commercial in the beginning.

click the link , it'll take you to the video.

so. i spose i should move on to other things. i haven't cruised around much yet today. it was late by the time any of us got to sleep here, which meant -- even I slept til 10 a.m. might sound good for a minute-- but when ya fall asleep at 3 a.m, it's about average for most.

anyhow--- yesterday; i was hell bent on the family goin to watch fireworks--- somewhere. i bet i spent over an hour trying to find a place that we wouldn't have to drive an hour or two to get to. i finally found a place that was only about 15 or 20 minutes away. they seemed to have a lot goin on, so that's where i picked for us to go. it was also held at a park that we have fished at a few times, and i knew the rest of the soul-clan would do nothing but complain about the heat after the first twenty minutes; so i went out there at like 230 or so. the way they had it written up in the website and online, i thought it was gonna be wall to wall people. well. there were a lot of people... but they were smart enough to not come out til the sun went down. we could have waited til 8 or 9 o'clock and still sat in the same perfect spot we had. that i smoltered in for HOURS. like i said... i had thought i would fish , etc. did i? sure i did. for about ten minutes. the sun was blazin hot, and all the shade was too far from the water to fish from it. so i just people watched-- and got ate by ants and mosquitos. i also watched several children abuse ducks. i wanted to throw rocks at them but there weren't any. at the kids--- not the ducks. i'm not much into the people watchin thing. well i am.... when i'm actually around people, but most of you know-- that isn't very often. especially lately. as in like the last year . longer than that, but this last year things have gotten bad again.
anyways. it amazed me how many kids can be mean to animals. so what if they're just ducks and pigeons? they have feelings too. and kids were stomping and yelling at them, and throwin stuff at them. it was just strange. and i noticed the kids in if there were 3 or 4 kids... only one would do this stuff and the others kinda separated themselves from it. they would walk ten or twenty feet away and do something different, not even looking at the other kid scare the animals.
that part made me think of other human behaviours ; like when older kids are in a bad situation.. like around drugs or something-- many will just get outta there-- move away-- leave-- go to the other side of the room or leave the place alltogether.
at least some do. anyhow -- just the psychologist in me i guess. it was interesting. and also irritating.

anyhow--- the rest of my family appeared there to meet me between 630 and 7. maybe 630-ish. BOTH of them were whining about the heat , and being uncomfortable within the first half hour they were there. i tried to just bite my tongue, and not make it about me. and y'all would be proud. i think i did good. later on i even managed to pull some sympathy out of me for them. even though.... oh nevermind. they brought me ribs. and i was starving to death.

the fireworks show really was amazing. it lasted short of a half hour. i really think that's the longest show i have maybe ever seen. it was great. and they were set off to music. soulkid really enjoyed it. at least that part. the whole other time... it was.. when are they gonna do the fire works??? every ten minutes. soulman wasn't quite as bad-- but he ran a close second. thank God they had a live band playing--- i can only imagine how bored they'd have been if we were sittin in the heat in silence.

we decided we'd go next year--- but we also decided we won't go so early. especially me. no no no no. i think i baked my brain a bit.

hope y'all had fun... no hangovers? no tigers in the bathroom, or missing teeth? :))
( you'd only get that if you saw the movie--sorry)

you gotta see the movie. hangover. it's great

and i am outta heah