Friday, May 22, 2009

my coffee maker has died -- funeral at noon

it came as no surprise this morning , while my dear friend coughed and sputtered her last gurgle as she spit out her last bit of coffee. but still, my heart is broken. she has been there for me every time i have needed her, morning , noon , and night. she has awakened me on the tired and painful mornings that i awoke way too early for anyone's good. she has been there to pep me up in the afternoons when i knew i didn't have time to take a nap. she's stood at the ready to help soothe atrocious migraines whenever i asked her to. she has been there to fill my thermos for the early morning fishing tournament, or the zero dark thirty road trip to somewhere.
until---- this passed week. she became ill. an electrical problem? perhaps. very likely. maybe even a leaky internal component that may have damaged something integral, or pertinent to her life. but the illness began with no warning, just a sudden problem with massive leakage onto the counter upon brewing. from there it worsened, until the last two or three days, she began to brew for only a few seconds, then shut down; and have to be re-started. sometimes two or three times before the cycle would complete the full cycle for a pot of coffee.
this morning, she has been declared dead. time of death, 3:33 a.m it was earlier-- but that that just sounds like a good time to use).
age: 1.5 yrs. survived by soul, and soulman.
this coffee maker was possibly the fist purchase that the soul-couple bought when they felt rich, and now, she must be replaced. ASAP. soulman is not as dependant on the morning coffee at home, as he works, and leaves home early enough to get coffee somewhere before a headache sets in. soul doesn't have that option-- or willingness. 3 a.m is just too damn early to go to the store for one pitiful cup of coffee. it just does not happen. it wouldn't happen even at 6 a.m - even tho the soul's do happen to own the below apparatus's that will make perfectly fine coffee at any time-- except soul is too spoiled to use them.

or perhaps just too lazy? but regardless, they sit in the pantry, while she fights with a dead-- or dying coffee maker.
soooo... today, it looks like she will be purchasing a replacement for her automatic coffee maker. hopefully one that won't die in a year or two.

k, so anyways, what else do i have to say??? not a lot at the moment.
i could tell you about all the important stuff i blew off and didn't do yesterday. but i won't do that. i want y'all to think i'm doin all kinds of work out here and staying busy. :)) even when i'm not.
well i do alot-- i just don't notice it. i did do some stuff yesterday-- but much of it was on the phone-- or paperwork crap-- like bills, and money stuff, and juggling crap. etc. then i slept a lot-- cuz i was just flat out tired. guess it's stress . i don't know. but i have been really tired lately. for a while i wasn't hardly sleepin at all, even at i need a nap by like ten a.m. wth??? why can't i just be normal???
so anyhow today, i gotsta play catch up. with lotsa different things. and i know i'm gonna be whooped, cuz i woke up at like 130. dammit. where ARE my fairies???
if you see them , send them my way eh?

happy friday y'all