Thursday, July 31, 2008

san antonio day two-

soul vacation day 2
san antonio-

before we left the hotel yesterday-
we stopped by the pool to check i t out-
this is what we saw-

a peackock!
of all things- at a hotel pool.
very strange- and pretty.
there were two.
one was pure white.
soulkid called it a
she knew the word-but like me-- it slipped her mind :))
i forgot to get a pic of the POOL- will do that later-

breakfast at cracker barrel - :))
soulman-- wearing soulkids shades-
soulkid- obviously mortified:))
"my dad is a nerd-
and i hate being in photos with the parental units :(( "

this is one of my faves so far.
i have very few photos of the two of them together .

and-- here i am, with soulkid--
right after making one of the MOST stupid mistakes-
EVER in my life.
ok.. ever in the passed few years---
i road a roller coaster with my daughter.
i will admit it was the funnest thing i have done with her in YEARS!
it really was fun.
it was also the first time she has ever ridden a roller coaster and NOT cried-
and the FIRST she has ever ridden with ME-
so, that meant a LOT to me.
i found out the extremely hard and fast way---
that aperson with absolutely NO neck strength-
ride a roller coaster !
i damn near killed myself.
i really did not think about my neck. i did think about my back- but thought it would be ok.
my neck got whipped around on there like a damn ice cube in a blender !
i wouldn't trade that 2 minutes for anything...
i loved it- the experience with soulkid-
but the pain?
no no no no no.

(thanks soulman- nice shot :))

here i am TRYING to recover a little before continuing
after the roller coaster :P

and this would be me at the end of the day-
do i look FAT???

misssin y'all