Monday, March 17, 2008

They're Aftah Me Lucky Charms !!!

hiya peeps!

we're home---
and i am too tired to organize these pix---
so you get to figure them out--
i'm sure y'all know us well enough by now to figure out who we are?
and the rest should be easy enough?
sorry-- i'm just beat.
maybe i will arrange them later or tomorrow.

anyhow-- i shall catch up with y'all later on.

(this is me clickin my heels together--
there's no place like home...)

Howdy folks..

We’re almost there. Phew—twenty more minutes --- hopefully.

What a day. Man I’ll tell ya. One hold up after another today. But we finally got here. Sorta…

we didn’t get to see much , as the entire trip has been in the dark. But, a few things we have seen?

1- a taco sale at Rosas cafĂ© in Wac0.. guess how much? $3.33 ! lol it wasn’t exit 333 though—I was surprised actually—it was exit 346 I think.

2---We also stopped at a place for dinner—I couldn’t believe how slooooow they were. When we got there—we had to go in, for a order to go, cuz we couldn’t take the boat thru the drive thru- - so we go in.. I was keeping an eye on the boat outside—hubby went to wash his hands—and the girls went ahead to order--- hubby comes out—the kids still standing in line—no one in front or behind them.. ..i find out what he wants, he goes outside to watch the truck—I get in line behind the girls—we stand there for five or ten more minutes before their order gets taken… then the girl walks away---- ten minutes later I’m STILL standing there—now with like five more people behind me—I haven’t even ordered yet—flaming mad---- my back was killin me btw… I told the kids – “get your food we’re goin somewhere else for ours” –

so, they finally come out , maybe five minutes later, and we go somewhere else for our food----we were in and out in five minutes, and back on the road. I bitched the whole time I ate my sandwich—which was all I had any appetite left for…

then 3--- we got about half an hour or so down the road---- and came upon an accident…. First thing I said was--- just think, “after all that bitchin about the food bein slow, if they weren’t, we coulda been in that wreck!”

Never know huh?

4-- here is something you can laugh at—ME :))

we’re drivin through Austin…just on the highway—we didn’t exit—but from the highway I see a (well several actually—but a building, that looks like a building I had seen in Washington DC with my dad – when I was real young. Like 5 or less. So I go back in my mind to that conversation with my dad ..many moons ago… and I try to hear the conversation between me and Charlie browns parents… (AKA, my dad)---(this is when I realized that is why charles shultz chose the “mwa mwa mwa mwa” to be the adult language in the cartoon. Because in my memory—that is all I could hear—I could see images alright—some-- but the conversation was exactly that—

my dad to me “ mwa mwa mwa mwa, capital, mwa mwa mwa”

me to my dad “hmmm”

SO—I ask hubby—

Hey hubby--- “is Austin the capital of texas? (feeling in my gut as I heard myself say that--- that it is, and I had two teenagers in that car that were very close to calling me some very unkind names… perhaps beyond stupid, being one of them…) you know the feeling that you just answered your very lame question, only by hearing it out loud? I knew the answer—and I knew the building I was looking at was the capital building—which was gonna be my next—now unneeded question.

So, needless to say—hubby , and the kids, and myself , all got a laugh, at my lack of knowledge—or let’s say…. Lapse of knowledge—cuz it did return.. it just took a minute. Or two. Senile , ya know.

5---- we have just seen a whole bunch of deer—like two or three separate little – wth are they? – “herds” ? – one of 3 and one of 5 and another of three—pretty cool. Soo here I am in my stupidity--

me to soulman.. I take it it isn’t hunting season?

Soulman to me—it’s over

Me to him—ahh, yep, I thought they seemed a bit overly confident

Him to me—haha, ya, they’re sayin = “we made it!”

See what you miss when you aint around?? :))

And guess what?--- we are a few miles away from the place, so I’m gonna pack this thing back up—I don’t know yet if we will have internet or not—but as soon as I know—you will know too-

Until then-

Ore-vois :))


315 .am……

HOLY CRAP! So much for my cheery mood. Which by the way—had fluctuated throughout the day anyhow—anything that was supposed to be scheduled in anyway, failed to remain in anyway on time. Or anywhere near it.

1-- an appointment that was supposed to take two or three hours – ended up taking like 5 ½ … no kidding. I was pissed . I had so much crap to do too—and I was stuck. I couldn’t even eat—until that was done.. which wasn’t until like 2:30 pm.. well maybe at about 130—but I then had to take sushi to the kennel, then pay my cell bill, then go to the po box, and mail my other bills. Oh—not to mention—washing the damn dishes and laundry at like 6 or 7 a.m. that’s always real fun very first thing in the morning. NOT. and then i was able to eat.

And—my coffee tasted like swill this morning..and I don’t know why. It was horrid.


Well, shit- I totally lost my train of thought—where was i?

Who knows--—but anyways--we are finally IN our condo.

We actually did make it here right about on schedule… it actually was like 105 a.m when we got here---BUT--- it was 130 before someone showed up to the closed office to check us in.

Then instead of giving us a room for three nights—they gave us a room for one night—and we have to get a different room tomorrow for the remainder. Don’t ask ME why.

So we take the room , and we leave. Just ready to go the hell ta bed.

All of us were exhausted, not to mention crabby.

So, we pull out to go.. and guess what—we end up trapped in a no outlet road—about two car width wide—with the damn boat! Hubby had to back the flippin boat—at least a half a mile—maybe more---in the damn dark… omg it was horrible. And time consuming. Very, it took at least half an hour to get out of that mess.

And you surely do not think it was the least bit relaxing? Talkative? even sarcastic? He was soo pissed off. As I would have been .. I would have parked and cried I bet. But I tried to help .. in fact sitting all twisted backwards trying to help him not hit anything ---and that was not an easy task for my already aching neck , back, and everything else—but I tried… but every time I said anything—all I got was attitude. (to put it nicely).. so I just tried my best to keep my mouth shut. Well , we obviously finally got out of there—it took for damn ever. He did really well though. I couldn’t have done it for $10,000.00 – not for any amount of money--- not without crackin up or hittin a car or a person or something. There were all kinds of dents and dings in dumpsters and fence rails from other boats or vehicles backing out of there.

Ugh. But anyhow—he was quite pissed off. And well, assy. but, we did manage to get out of there—it was a miracle that no one attacked anyone. All four of us were getting pretty evil by now. Well.. not soul-kid2--- she’s been pretty quiet at these moments… but I know she’s prolly at least wanted to tell us to shut up—or maybe even grow-up. Ugh.

This was really not a good trip up to now—and combining the check-in fiasco with a day gone wrong—it was pretty tense in the car. Most of the time. Even though we took turns trying to lighten the mood when the another was getting too out of hand. :))) funny how that happens.

then we finally find our damn “room”… our THIRD floor- non-smoking- room. OMG.. I was sooo sore and stiff.. and hobbling—well more like I’d been hobbled. We weren’t sure we were in the right place—so I went up to check the door--- the key opened the bedroom door—which had a chain on it—but not the main door—which should have opened. UGH. I was sooo pissed , and tired, and sore, and angry, and bitchy… I went back down.. pissed … we called security—the after hours “people”-- sat there for 20 MORE minutes before I called someone again--- and complained and bitched..and hung up on the idiot—who was no help at all.

Finally security came and opened the door—how’d he do it? by reaching his arm through the door and knocking the chain off!—boy, we sure feel safe. :))

at 3 “something” frickin a.m…

It is now 341. and I am blind and falling asleep/.

So I am goin ta bed.

Happy nights all…


I must sleep…


Blog day 2

Happy satahday peoples—

I hope yours is good so far—well I hope it stays that way too of course.

Mine? Well… so far—it isn’t lookin great. I do hope it picks up. I’m worried that it won’t. so far things haven’t gone so well. You know yesterday wasn’t the greatest of days. Schleprock was on my shoulder again.

Things did fall into place—for the most part--but they weren’t really in one piece when they landed. But hey—we got here—we got here safely—we did get in the room, and did get some sleep. Everyone else is still sleeping---me on the other hand---I coulda slept a bit longer I’m sure--- but I woke at 7 a.m. to THE MOST god awful “something on TV. I don’t know wth it was. It sounded like “devil music” as my mother woulda called it. I think it was some kinda low budget horror movie—I didn’t stick around long enough to find out. I got up and got out of there.

Then I came out here and made coffee—some nasty-ass coffee I might add—but hey—this is the first time—literally—that we have come to one of these places and NOT had the coffee pot leak all over the kitchen—so at least that much was good.

While the coffee was making, I went on the patio—the cold ass patio---- to smoke a cig—then came in for my coffee--- then took it outside for another cig… realizing that not only was I cold, sitting on a hard wooden chair, drinking SWILL two days runnin –weak swill this time-- (it was WAY too strong yesterday)--- I finished my cig, and came back in , and decided to write.

I am sooo far behind in my writing on here—I feel guilty actually. I have been so out of it lately it’s just stupid. I just haven’t had anything to write about . I don’t want to whine or complain.. I know I do though—but I don’t want that to be my “theme” here…. I don’t actually “do much” or “go anywhere”.. so I honestly don’t have many options when it comes to writing topics. And all that really does is piss me off—and prolly y’all too. Sorry about that. I’ll work on it. maybe I’ll come up with another “story” to tell ya about something. Not sure what yet… but something along the lines of the biker bar story. That one went well. :))

So anyhow—lost my place again… oh.. my smoke-n choke—more like joke of a smoke n choke---- ugh. My third cig??? I decided to take the risk and just smoke it right here in my non smoking room… in fact I think I shall have another. But only one more inside—after that—I can only hope it is warmer outside—warm enough to open the door at least—and air this place out--- soulman will nag—and I will get some outrageous fine of two or three hundred dollars for smoking in here.

Oh—speaking of odors and breaking rules---

Guess what else we have in here that we shouldn’t??? MICE! Oh relax—they’re “pets”.. they’re RATS to me.. but pets to my child. But they couldn’t be left home alone, cuz they’re little pigs, and would eat all their food in one day, and be dead when we got home. So we had no choice but to bring them. And I don’t know if any of you have ever had mice—but they smell like like cat pee!!

I had sporadic episodes during the ride in the truck.. where I would smell “cat urine”. I would smell my shirt, my arms etc..even my shoes!!! Just trying to figure why the hell I smelled like cat pee…???? Wth??? Finally after hours of this—I do mean hours—it wasn’t until we were sittin outside our condo in the truck, waiting for security to come let us in.. that soul-kid-2—said that the mice smelled like cat pee !!! well woo hoo—at least it wasn’t ME!!!! BUT---- boo-hoo, how the hell am I gonna get cigarette AND cat pee smell out of the room???


Sooooo….. anyways, here I am… for over a week, I played out in my mind that right now—I would be on the lake—with at least a couple fish on my tally by now--- instead? I’m fearing the wrath of a hefty fine of smoke and pet dander! (in a smoke and pet free room) :)) Wondering if I will be able to retain any sense of composure or pride when we go to change rooms this morning—and NOT rip someones head off for our “check-in disaster” last night… which led to our inability to fish early today.

Remember—I am the spawn of “gran gran” and anything is possible—when things don’t go my way :))

Anyhow— that’s our weekend getaway—up til now---

Which so far—is very much along the lines of one of the griswalds family vacations.

I’ll check in later.

Obviously—there is NO internet here…. :((

But—I sure am glad I brought my computer—I couldn’t handle another pen blogging experience at this point.

--- Saturday wrap up-------

---- it’s almost 11 pm we just got back from dinner a little while ago. I must say – it wasn’t very good. Neither was lunch for that matter. Which actually sucks. One thing I look forward to on these little getaways—good food.. different food..and oftentimes—food I don’t have to cook—or clean up after. Well—so far—I’d rather be cookin, cleaning—and at least enjoying it.

but anyhow. It does its’ job I reckon.

Today was a decent day. I miss having the internet—and talking to y’all. And reading y’alls pages. It’s actually weird and throws me off a bit to not know what’s goin on in blogland for a while. Yes even just a few days.

Especially after I saw the news today--- tornadoes, and cranes collapsing … geesh—I do hope everyone is ok.

As for todays soul-news? I woke up after about 3 or 4 hours of sleep. After hubby woke up (surprisingly not surprised – or upset - that I was smoking inside :)) ) we went and fishing for a while..only an hour or two though. It was after ten I think before we even got to the lake.

The morning was a bit of a fiasco. Trying to get our room changed. The new one wasn’t ready the first time we checked—so we fished – then tried again—still not ready—so we ate lunch—got a pizza to go for the girls—still not ready—shit—came back to the room, ate, called – still not damn ready—so we took a nap. Still not f’n ready….. soo hubby took the girls to the rec center… and got a boat ramp pass…..By then after dropping them off , and going to the marina etc the maid had walked in on me once, and called me once—they wanted me outta the room so they could clean it…

I thought they would toss me out, but hubby finally showed up and we moved…. Luckily we got “upgraded”..because they were overbooked – score!!! (to the “presidential” condos. Hmmm. Which btw – would be the one they keep trying to get us to buy.. NOT!

Anyhow – I am

******************CROSSEYED))))))) must continue in a.m

Blog Day 3

Well—it’s sorta day three—but technically day two—

I can’t say it’s a bad day—but I can say—I wish it was better. The weather gods have let us down this weekend. I don’t know what happened.. but the forecast I read on thursday—is not the weather we are having here. And it has destroyed our fishing. Which does not make me happy. Not that I’m not having a good time otherwise. But I did come here- mainly - to fish—and due to the wind it has really been nearly impossible to fish. Yesterday—we fished only a couple hours—at the most—and even less today. And today was frickin cold too—making it even worse. And what’s worse than wind and cold, on a boat while you’re fishin??? Yep you guessed it—NOT catching anything ! ERG. I did get one yesterday—but not any today. Hubby got hell I don’t even know now—three or four yesterday—and two today. DAWG! Fishin off the back of the boat makes a difference—but really—I shoulda got at least one today—and since I didn’t I am kinda bummed, cuz I am pretty sure we won’t have a chance to fish again before we leave tomorrow.

Today we have our lovely meeting, the sales pitch that we must endure for the pleasure of staying the weekend here. I really hate these things. I hope this one goes better than the last. I hope they just take no for an answer—and let us leave—without making one of us too mad. Last time.. soulman got highly pissed, and it wasn’t pretty. It was a bit amusing though. :)) well—to me .

Anyways—after that—we promised the girls that we would take them into Austin and let them do some shopping… oh I know-- y’all know how much I LOVE to shop—ugh. I feel the pain already. My frickin back has been killin me for days. I don’t even know why. It hurts often.. but It feels like I’ve done something to it—and I don’t think I did. Maybe it’s the inactivity since the seizure--- I don’t know. But I know “I can’t like it!”

Soo—I just may end up finding somewhere to park my ass and have coffee while they all have their little shopping excursion. Too bad the whole world has gone non-smoking. That surely pisses me off.

Hmmm… what now? I don’t know where I left off yesterday.

I just took a bath in the jet tub here--- makes me miss mine in my old house. That’s prolly ALL I miss about the old house—but I do miss it. it helps my back. Even if it is only for a little while. But now – I have water in my ears—and no q- tips. Yep—that irritates me too.

But not as much as the tiny non-jet – havin tub we have at the new house.

So anyhow—I reckon I shall go outside and have a cig, then maybe try for a nap before our encounter with the sales bitch… I mean pitch. I have occasional moments of bravado and smoke inside—but this is not one of them.

Soooo—I spose I will catch yall later on, after all the hell I must face later in the day.

Weeee’re baaaackkk---

Phew. What a day. It’s almost a quarter after nine (pm) and I am whooped.

I’m tired, my back hurts, yes still, and someone moved in upstairs and they sound like a herd of frickin longhorn cattle. AND—they have a damn dog—a large dog—on their balcony – barking, constantly. Ugh. Great timing. I swear, people never sleep at these places. Last year when we came with my bro in law—there were like twenty kids running like a pack of rabid wolves, constantly , upstairs, downstairs, through the passageways, through the courtyards, it was horrible, all hours of the night and day… I’m too old for this shit. I need my beauty rest :))

Anyhow—we just got back from Austin. It wavered on the fun scale. As well as the assy scale. I will include myself here—but I will also add that I think I was the one who tried the hardest to NOT be an ass today. I don’t know what the deal is , but this has been a very odd weekend.. as far as “vacations” go. Every one of us had at least twenty different levels of attitude a day--- and wavered from one to the other—at any given moment in time. I actually shouldn’t include “soul-kid-2” she has actually been the best of us—and I feel bad for her. I’m afraid that she has been bored, and uncomfortable a lot of the time.. even though we have tried not to make it that way for her. But geesh, I don’t know what to do about it. I guess by now—she sees the finish line, and knows that she will live one more night to make it home. She did say she loved me….. (she never said that before).. so I don’t guess it’s as bad I think it is. It’s just been kinda rough.

Well, anyhow—wanna hear about our sales meeting? It was lame—as usual. It was a guy, an older man, kinda. He was nice. Not too pushy. But of course held us captive longer than we cared to stay. Like about an hour. He went through his speel, then of course had to get his guy to come do the money part—guess how much they tried to get us to spend this time? Friggin 32, 000.00 --- are they crazy or something??? I think they must be. Really. Look at me. Do I look like a person who’s gonna spend that kinda money on a time share? No. especially when the first thing I say is—“we can’t afford to upgrade”. Hmmmm. What part of that do ya think they didn’t understand?

Geesh.. do I even LOOK like I HAVE any money? Ya, I thought not.

So anyhow--- we left that—then headed to Austin.. it was supposed to be like 45 miles. Well, I guess it is 45 miles—ish. But - we are US. We ended up behind a wreck. Of course we didn’t know it was a wreck for the longest time. We thought it was just traffic. Really bad traffic. Then we started thinking, gawd, this HAS to be a wreck. We were inching our way up the road, bumper to bumper—stop and go—for like 45 minutes—maybe longer—we finally get up on the accident…. A big ole RV, and a SUV I think.. and a cop… blocked one whole lane.. there was no shoulder due to construction… so it ruined the entire three lane highway. And everybodys mood. I tried tho--- believe it or not—I maintained--- up until the last ten minutes. By then I was ruined. I couldn’t take it anymore. That’s when the arguing started again, between soulkid and souldad..and I just couldn’t stand it. UGH. But—fifteen minutes later--- we were at our destination…

“the drag” … or so I was told… the kids made a big deal out of this place. A street really --- where they wanted to go, and walk, and shop, and eat etc. well… they had the “drag” part right. Half the shops were closed for the night. It was pushin like 6 by the time we got there due the wreck. We left here around four. Ugh. They went to three stores and jamba juice—we went to jamba juice and went pee—and paid 8 bucks to park . yippee—freakin—ay.

Well… the kids had an ok time, we walked and talked, and “people watched”, and adjusted our attitudes. Then met up with the kids and we all left and headed back . stopped to eat on the way.

And that my little friends is about it.

Bet you wish you were here.


Maybe next time huh?

Plans for tomorrow?

Get up early—if it isn’t freezing with 40 mph winds—we may go fish for a couple hours before we check out of here--- if it is crappy weather—we’ll just hit the road and hope it goes smooth and fast…cuz I want to be home and see my sushi—I miss her.

And I miss y’all too—

More tomorrow…



Blog final four

Welp—morning folks---

This is it. our fourth and last day. We check out at noon—if not sooner. My guess? Sooner. The weather has been a bitch – as far as getting much fishing done. The wind has been just unbearable—unsafe even. Total tally? Day 1 - Me = 1 – day 2 - zip

Soulman = day 1=3 day 2= 2

As for today== well…. I figured since it was windy already off the lake, I would let hubby sleep in, and see if we could maybe do something with the kids—but not fish… but the weather just came on the news--- and it doesn’t look good—not at all.

Austin area--- under a flash flood watch--- although--- no rain yet… wind and clouds = yes.

Dfw area=== severe weather warning-

Aint it just GREAT???

Our entire 6 hour road trip--- pulling a damn boat—is liable to be filled with not only traffic…as it was on the way down… but rain and wind as well.

I don’t feel very good about this.

Hubby is a good driver, and I’m not so worried about his driving--- but, I don’t trust the other people on the road.. or the wind blowing the trailer on a wet road etc.

Can you say…

It’s cuz I am ME ??????

I swear it’s true

And I just can’t believe that it’s karma--- we’re good people. This is the curse. It’s just crap that just happens. I’m just glad I’m able to not let it stress me out---


I have been able to find the good this weekend, and have a good time—considering. I’m glad we went away.. I hope we get home safe—and actually, I’m confident that we will.

And I miss y’all, and am lookin forward to catchin up with everyone.

And well// by now, you’ve seen all the pix.. aren’t deer awesome? I had a bunch more deer pix, but they were out of focus.. bummer. We saw tons of deer out here. I was happy happy happy—that the pix at the boat ramp/marina came out, I think they are just awesome!

Well…. I guess that’s about it for now… not a very eventful weekend. But it was fun.

I do hope y’all have had a GREAT weekend!!!!