Friday, June 8, 2007

are my fishy stories getting boring?

no one seems to have much to say today. (this is me pouting). is it the fish? sorry. it's what i do best. seein as i don't like to clean. or shop. or be around people. and lately, i'm not liking being inside all the time. so, i fish, therefore i AM.

ok, that's out of my system.
something wonderful happened, and somehow, in my fishing frenzy, i forgot to mention it...
hubby fixed our boat !!!!! yes he did !!! like two days ago. how could i not put that on here?
i don't really know what he did to it...but he did it well. KUDOS to the man.
we are hoping to take it on the lake tomorrow.... little test drive type thing. that boat hasn't been on the water (with the big engine running) in like two years. poor neglected, expensive boat. but, man, i tell ya, we're like a couple of kids around here. we were so worried about what it might cost to have our boat fixed by a boat mechanic. my gawd, they charge soooo much. hubby said he was thinking maybe up to a thousand dollars at times, due to the extensive troubleshooting, etc. then parts and labor. ugh. i just was getting to the point i figured it would sit parked for another season. but, yippee.

so anyhow... what else? not much i reckon. just checking in. i need to figure out what to do about dinner. then maybe i'll go to bed early or watch a movie.

oooh... is anybody watching the sopranos??? i expected a lot more out of this final season, but sunday is the finale. no tellin what's gonna happen. i'm looking forward to seeing it tho.

anyhow, i'm gone....

hiya peeps


here? not so much me. i'm primed and ready for yet another nap. that would be a nap a day... for a week straight ! i don't like that. but i guess that's just the way it is sometimes. so, oh well.
but... i did have a fairly good morning with my child. she was a bit crabby...but , that's not a big surprise. :)) she really has been improving lately though... since our big bad day, earlier in the week. so, i guess i can let her be crabby once in a while eh?
so anyhow...yes, i did go fishing after i took her to school. i wore a sea ray hat my sister gave me.. for luck ! seein as my "arkansas" hat didn't do a whole lot for me. and my bombardier hat didn't do much either. in fact... the best fish i got was without a hat at all ! but, i didn't want to end up in another frazzled hair day fish pic like i did yesterday, so that is why i chose the hat that i chose for todays excursion. well..... at first, i thought, damn... i'm gonna wear this hat EVERY time i fish ! know why? cuz on my first cast, i got a niiiice one. but..... the damn thing wasn't even hooked ! i have no idea how, or why he hung on all the way to the bank...almost. but i saw him let off, and swim away..with a big ole F-U splash, i might add. but, when i went to check my bait... the hook was still in the plastic worm ! the stupid fish must've had a panic attack and just held on for dear life...til he realized... hey... all i have to do is open my mouth, and i'm outta heah. so he did. so, phewy !
but anyhow... i didn't have much time to fish...less than half an hour, and nothing else happened by the time i had to go get the girl from school.... except some wind...cold wind too. yuk. and , a huge threat of rain. the sky looked pretty darn ominous, but no rain. just cold and wind. it woulda been ok if the sun was out. but it was pretty crappy. so anyhow...i had to leave. cussing myself for rigging my bait wrong. but oh well.. each mistake is a lesson learned, right?
soooo... i go get my girl... she shows me her weekly progress report for school. the kid has a 94% !!!! why the hell didn't she do that during the school year???? she also got a 90 on a pre-test that she took yesterday. i'm so proud of her. i know she has it in her...she just has to TRY. so, she was hungry, so i got her some breakfast...and i asked her to go fish with me, but she wouldn't. it was like pulling teeth. so i finally gave up. but y'all know me... i HAD to go get that fish! what if it was gramma !!! LOL
so... i go back. i fished for maybe two more hours. the weather pretty much sucked... it was windy, and i was cold, even my finger tips got numb. BUT... i didn't get rained on. so that much i appreciated. so , as for my catch of the day... i think i got "the middle child".... hmmm...what shall we name her? she wasn't as big as jr. , but she wasn't as small as "sissy" either. soooo, let's call her ummm "Nemo" ! ya. Nemo. who says nemo is a boys name? just cuz he was a boy on finding nemo... in real life it could be a unisex name, right? so... Nemo it is. but... i don't have a pic. it was too much hassle to bother with today. and everyone has seen enough tiny fish on here for one week...right/
anyhooo.... i did have another catch! a bettah one. smaller than hubbys last night i think. ya , pretty sure it was smaller...but it put up a good fight. and there was a couple little kids..well not little..maybe 11 ish...boys...perch fishing near me....they weren't as irritating as the teenagers last night. in fact i enjoyed watching these kids catch their perch. LOL. one of them was sooo small i laughed out loud. anyhow... i had one of them take the pic for me... since my self portraits really don't come out too well. she is. somebody else can name her, cuz i'm too tired.
i'll be back later on...but i don't think i'll be fishing again today. it's killing me. it's a slow, and enjoyable death... but it's painful and exhausting too. so i think i shall chill out. maybe i'll fish tomorrow.