Thursday, May 13, 2010

she's a soul-kid and she's all mine :))

  • so. how are you peeps doin out there? hope all is well in your worlds and lands of far away. or not so far away in some cases. things are runnnin fairly smoothly in the land of soul these days. perhaps i'll try to make it short and sweet and try a first ever "bullet post" HA. yeh , we'll see right? is anything ever short-- OR sweet, when it comes to me, or this blog? i thought you'd say that. but really, one of our laptop cords got fried, and that leaves me here with only battery power -- to sleep blog no less. so, let's hope i finish this post before A] the batttery dies or B] i do. ugh.

ok, here's the passed few days happenins-
in no particular order.

  • i shall start with none other than my child. -- AKA "soulkid" . as most of you know, she had missed a lot of school recently . about 6 weeks, maybe more. she now is beginning her ninth school day tomorrow. in the 8 days that this girl has attended school at this new school; she has already completed TWO courses, and earned TWO FULL credits ! i cannot not brag. i tried to be humble the last time i mentioned it when she knocked out english - in 4 days. but c'mon folks--- another class-- another credit -- in another 3 days? genius . no less than a genius . and she's mine. i can't accept the credit for her brilliance. i wish i could. but i really think she got that from her dad. he is an intelligent man. it's not like i stumbled into a fishin farm and chose the first guy i saw with a fish in his hand. no no no. i got to know him, and to be honest-- his intelligence is one of the things that i actually found to be intriguing about him. most guys i was used to 'dating' were wrench turners in the navy with me. not to put myself down. it does take some knowledge to troubleshoot, repair, and keep a airplane in the air. but - honestly, it's a different type. ya know?so anyhow-- yep. her next two classes, that we don't expect her to complete in the very few weeks left of school, are math and biology. two very tough classes. but if by chance she does.... do y'all realize realize-- that would be four - FOUR - high school credits earned in less than eight weeks? that is amazing to me. she is amazing to me. i am bursting with pride for that girl. and i just wanted to let ya know that :)) so now ya know.
  • ummm. next? that would be my coffee pot / maker debacle. y'all know my birthday came and went-- right along with mothers day. so between those two spoil soul days, and the closeness of them. i did get spoiled, and too much money was spent. unintentionally. it was spread out over like a week or two, so we didn't notice so much til it was too late. lemmee just say it's been a tough 2-3 days round here. but no one's gone hungry or suffered without anything-- like cigs , coffee, gas, food, etc. bills are ALL paid--and on time-- ouch- i think i hurt myself pattin my back there. but anyhow-- we finally got the Kuereg we've been wanting for a long time. we haven't had it long enough yet to figure out if it saves money yet or not-- but it wasn't cheap to find out. we do love it tho. it would cost an arm and a leg if i still had a two pot a day habit- but i don't. between us, we may drink 6 or 7 lil cup things a day. and if my math is right-- which it is prolly not- i figure they cost maybe 46 cents each. so-- yeh i don't know yet. i know before we dumped about half a pot a day out. so hell if i know-- but i like it- cuz i don't struggle with it- soulman doesn't feel like he has to get up just to make coffee- i can use it easy cheazy. and it's good coffee. hopefully, in the long run it will turn out to be a money saver. we shall see.
  • also-- there was this--- it was a last minute duel day thing for me. not cheap. i know, right. we really need to grow up some. ok a lot. we've never been good with money though. i mean bills always get paid. late perhaps-- maybe days- or weeks-- but always paid. but as for saving anything. we have always sucked at that. tomorrow is payday-- and as for checking and savings? we are starting with close enough to a zero balance. a lot of shit came up tho-- like the fridge, and dr's and the stuff i mentioned. oh and the thing i'm workin up to here :{ you'd get it too-- if you were me (Soul)... i already have this one---

so how could i pass up this one?
it's been discontinued-- last chance deal-

soulman wanted me to have it- and so did i
so we got it. it's a "SOL"
  • and hey, what the hell, i had 30 bucks cash in my mothers day card-- yeh i know -- but it was from the petty cash fund :)) so before the reel was even thought of -- i already spent that money on fishin baits and tackle. -- which btw i haven't been able to even use ANY of-- due to crappy weather-- or pain.
  • speakin of which -- i had those shots in my spine on, umm, monday. they seem to have helped some. i'm taking less meds. limping less noticeably-- not like "Egor" , things are more comfortable. i even went to the grocery store-- alone- for the first time in literally months, and got a few days groceries. and carried it in and put it away. go me. go mr doctor man. hey any little bit is a miracle. right.
  • i reckon there aint much else to say. oh cept we have been bantering back and forth on our TN vacation plans. worried about the flooding and the lake conditions out there. but apparently it's all settled now. it seems that the place we are going is and will be fine for what we are planning. so we shall be headed out to kentucky lake area the end of june. hooray for that. lookin forward to it. we are gonna meet a looong time friend from blog land. known her a few years, and she's like the lil sis i never had. my partner in crime. we'll see what kinda trouble we can get into. out there in redneckville :)) it'll be great fun. i know it will. plus soulkid gets to take a friend along as well. so it should be fun for all. boatin, fishin, tubin, eatin, name it--- if it involves food, fishin, water, sun, fun, bein free in the south in the summer on the lake-- y'all know that's my calling. i can't wait!
  • haha-- looks like i outlasted my battery-- for once-- i think i also have run out of stuff to say.
but there you have the soulland update-- kinda sorta.

what's happenin at your place?
any big plans on the way?

i must sleep now-- hope y'all get good sleep- and a pleasant tomorrow :))