Tuesday, January 29, 2008

i'm very tired - and i don't know why

damn i'm tired. i've done a lot today it seems, and of course i got up before the sun, as usual. but i am just exhausted. i haven't left the house yet--though i really need to. but i don't think i will make it. holy crap-- i could fall out right here payin bills. wth. i hate it when i get this way.

i hope i get a second wind soon. perhaps i should eat...but i know me, and that will only make it worse. good think i took some chicken out for dinner. just in case i don't make it out today-- i have the one saving grace of one last meal before i am burned at the stake by the soul clan for lack of home cookin.

i wish i knew wth was goin on here. i guess some days are just better than others.

oh well.. there is surely worse goin on -- or worse that could be goin on - right.

i hope you all are having good days--
i'm workin on it-
i think i shall go try and continue being somewhat productive-- but i am running out of gas rather quicky.

i shall be around later on.

happy tuesday peeps.