Tuesday, May 22, 2007

busy bisy bizzy

ok, here's todays update. i actually accomplished stuff today ! i know, i am as amazed as you are.

anyhow... i did manage to get my texas drivers license this morning ... without getting angry, or arguing with anybody this time. i even ended up at the same office i had all the problems at yesteray! only because i didn't know how to get to the other one. but anyhow... wanna hear the two things that were a bit bothersome... but i handled well? actually there were three things.

1. had to deal with the same spanish lady i had yesterday. and she tried to be all nit picky with me, and said "i remember you". not sure "how" she meant that. BUT...

2.... after i did what i had to with her.... i stepped over to the other side of the place to the next line... and i got on my cell phone to call hubby real quick about something....well...this same woman shouts across the room... NO CELL PHONES!!!! well excuuuse me! so i had to lose my place in line and go ooutside to finish my call. (it was ok...there were signs i just didn't notice them til after i came back in...and i only got bumped back by two people)..it was just that she coulda done that in a less embarrassing manner... ya know? but that's ok. i expected worse actually on the drive over there.

ok... 3rd.... i found out... after everything i went through yesterday...and after all the time i wasted doing it, all the stress and aggrivation...that lasted until i finally got my license today...it wasn't then did i finally chill out. but anways...the lady i was doing the rest of the info stuff with..she was pretty nice...anyhow...i've by now, driven out there twice, and back once...gonna do that again..filled out all kinds of papers...dug out my birth cirtificate...almost threw down with a lady over something pretty stupid...both of us at least 40 years old (i'm 41)... so anyhow... the lady i was then talking to... finally says... have you ever had a texas drivers license before? well duh.. i say yes... she puts me in the computer.. and whammo....there i am!....
do you know what that means??? it means that if i would have thought to say... or better yet... if the woman at the counter that i had all the problems with would have ASKED ME THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE...... i would have had my license with ease YESTERDAY !!!!! BUT NOOOO.. she was tooo busy talking to her spanish friends to think to ask me that so very simple question. and by then i was too upset to think to tell her. so when i told the lady today, and she had all my info in the computer...know what she did? she immediately...SHREDDED the copies of my damned birth cirtificate, NM drivers license, and SS card!!! (she of course kept the original NM DL.) but i was like "you gotta be kiddin me????" you oughtta tell her to ask people THAT. she looked over at her...and said with a smirk... it wouldn't do any good. i laughed out loud, and said, ya know, you're probably right!
anyhow...that was pretty funny... she is apparently just not a favorite with a few other people...it wasn't just me. so that made me feel a bit better

alright...the fourth thing...
4. i almost failed my vision test!!! i told y'all i was goin blind! AND stupid to boot! i put my head up against the eye thing...and AGAIN.. i meant to THINK...but i SPOKE! i said... crap, i can't see it . she says "UH OH." i say... "no wait".... and i close my left eye... and i could see better...still blurry, but better...so i read it off, and apparently got it...but i did not tell her i closed an eye!!! she said you had me worried for a minute... i said ME TOO.
so anyhow... ya that was the first part of the day. well the second part... i mentioned the morning in my first post earlier today.
so anyhow...yep...i FINALLY got my license... I'm legal. almost. now i just gotta inspect and register my car... another time.

BUT.... i also.... finally made it to the grocery store !!!! we have food, and other neccessities now. what a load off. and i was pretty happy at the register. once again, we were down to very little, and hubby went with me to help...we expected to spend 200.00..,and it looked like that much...i couldn't even push the cart.... but it was less than 140.00 !!! can you say thrilled? woo hoo.

AND... guess what else? you have to sing this part.... like a little kid trying to tease another kid k?
I got my fi-sh-in li-cense !!!!! fresh and salt water...good for a whole twelve months !!! i am legal now. yes. i have been bad. i have fished a few times without a license. only 3 or 4 , but it takes a lot of the fun out of it lemmee tell ya. cuz one time i got a ticket for that. it wasn't my fault tho. i honestly did not know my license had expired. but that was like maybe seven years ago, and the ticket cost over 100.00. so i was really worried doing it here lately. it was only a few times. but i just don't like that feeling of doing something wrong or feeling like i'm gonna get in trouble. so yep. i'm glad i finally got my license. now i'll probably be fishin all the time!

OH...and i did something else too... even after all that runnin around etc... i even managed to cook dinner!

oh ya... and hubby, accomplished stuff too.... yesterday, he worked on is truck...then went and got it inspected.....(i insured it friday)....then today he went and got it registered...

then he got the 3 batteries for the boat today too!
do y'all lknow what that means? lemmee tell ya what it means.... it means... we will be on our boat...fishin...by THIS weekend!!!

what a day. an expensive day at that. but a lot got done, that has been put off and put off for waaaay too long.

oh ya.. i almost forgot..... we were on our way to wal mart- aka.. wally hell... to grocery shop... and we almost got in a wreck. woulda too, if hubby didn't see the other car comin at us. we were yackin, i was driving.....and smoking.... i tell ya... me and multi-tasking, don't get along too well anymore....all the sudden hubby throws his hands up, and is all whoa, whoa, whoa..... (but sorta calmly...not shouty or panicky)....thank GOD.... so i didn't panick... so i look over and saw a car comin through a stop sign...i mean mere feet from us...some dumbass talkin on the phone!!!
so i hit the skids...she hit the skids...my tires were smokin....her tires were smokin...luckily both cars came to a stop before that awful sound of crunching metal and shattering glass...because i know that somebody would have been hurt in that one.
anyhow.... it was nice out today, and we had our windows down, so after both cars sat still for a few seconds, my husband flipped the other driver the bird, politely spit out the B-word, and we drove off with the smell of burnt rubber filling the car, and our noses.
i didn't drive for the rest of the evening! and maybe i won't drive tomorrow either.
i was soooo glad he saw that car...because i didn't, and it surely would have been a bad situation.
ok...that was my day...our day...
how was y'alls?

I am a bit perturbed today..well it's residual

ok... first... i will say... i am not prejudiced. not in the sense of the word. i mean i don't judge , or hate people due to their skin color, ethnicity etc. (unless a certain person, of a different race...and i will even include my own...if someone gives me reson to fear, or judge them, or be angry with them...i will be.)
ok... here's what i'm gettin at.

i went to get my texas drivers license ...finally. i mean, heck...i've only been back in texas since august! ugh. well, you all know how i procrastinate!
well anyhow. i had to go like twenty miles to the DL office. why they don't have one closer... i have no idea. so i drive out there... one of the "things " is, you have to have your car insured and registered in texas... before you get a license. well.... i haven't done that either...yet. (waiting for my NM tags to expire next month).. anyhow...my car IS insured here..just not registered ...or inspected...but hubbys is. so i took his car title/insurance cards etc, in with me..and my NM drivers license, and my SS card. i thought that would be good enough. well..;.. it wasn't.
because of the fact that even though I AM on the insurance, but the car isn't in my name, they wouldn't accept it.... SO they wanted a THIRD form of ID. she gives me this form with a list of "acceptable" forms of proper identification. of course, a birth cirtificate...that i have...at home/20 miles away!... a marriage license ... 20 miles away!.... so i keep going down the list... i get to military ID card. well, i have a disabled veterans medical ID card...so i take that up there...not good enough! WHAT????? it is a government ID card... PLUS i am a damn disabled VET. nope. ... ok i keep goin down the list... i get to military documents... well of course i have my discharge papers...at home...20 miles away!!!!! BUT... i also had...surprise...with me... a few letters and forms with my name and adress and ss number on them FROM the DAV, and VA hospital.... guess what... NOT military documents ..... WHAAAAA??? (now... if you woulda seen and heard this lady you would realize WHY i got soooooo freakin angry...... i mean she was spanish.... and talking to people behind me in spanish WHILE I was trying to talk to her, and get my own business done!)..... now.. in ANY circumstance...when i feel that i am not being given the attention i am due...especially while doing business...i get PISSED! so.... i said...i meant to think it, but it came out of my mouth!!! OOOPS..... i said... "i bet if i was mexican you'd take it!" she only scowled at me.....i coulda been shot by anyone in the building in earshot. ugh. that was really stupid of me!
so... she tells me to go sit down, and look over the list again! i think that was a polite way of saying that if i didn't get out of her face she was gonna fly over the counter! ... which woulda been ok by me... cuz i was ready to throw down too! i was pissed.
and the whole thing got worse, as i read further down the list. know why....
because... a few more acceptable forms of ID...


i gotta say... i was angry enough to hit her. but i didn't. i may not have gotten so angry...since she was only following procedure. but it was the fact that i was just trying to get a drivers license..... and the entire timer that i was trying to get HELP... she was talking ... in spanish... to people BEHIND ME!!!!
AND..... if i was a felon....or an illegal alien... i would have had no problem!!!! but as a united states military disabled vet.... i couldn't get my drivers license !!!
oh man. you just don't know. you just can't fathom my anger.

soooooo... my agenda for today? to go get my drivers license... and bring with me... my NM drivers license, SS card, AND freakin Birth certificate!!! seein as i don't have a texas inmate card... or any border crossing card etc.

and ya wanna hear the funny part? i don't know if anyone has heard about this. prolly ppl in tx of course have. in farmers branch tx... the voters...except for the illegal aliens...from mexico...who are also allowed to register to VOTE in the US!!! (i just learned that part this morning...... but american felons, or dishonorably discharged military...cannot vote!)
anyways... farmers branch tx... just passed a law.. if that's the right term... that "illegal immigrants"...will no longer be allowed to rent an apartment in farmers branch tx.

AND guess what... I was against that! i believed
it was not fair to them. if they work and have money to pay their rent...they should not be forced into the damn street.... and i actually still feel that way. even though i am pissed about what happened yesterday.

so anyways. people are people...and i guess they're just who and how they are... i mean the lady at the DL office. as for today...i'm goin to a different office.

and for the ppl in farmers branch... those people that voted for that...are just inhumane, and selfish, and think because they have money they can choose their neighbors...but i think it will backfire...they put that law that was supposed to go into effect today...on hold for further review.
i hope the people in "office" realize what a mistake it would be....for one thing...i think it could actually cause riots or something they aren't thinking about. but also...if it doesn't pass..... i HOPE that town gets FLOODED with illegals...and runs out every one of these "holier than thou" idiots!!!!

ok... i'm done with my rant for the day.
i really gotta get some things DONE today...and i am off to a good start! i've done two loads of laundry, and still goin on that...i did my dishes...of course got the girl to school...ummmm.....well, so far i think thats it. but it's only 8:46. go me! now, i need to head to the drivers license place...just not the one i went to yesterday...this one is like ten or 15 miles in the opposite direction. UGH!