Saturday, November 28, 2009

tree fail

mornin folks--

ok. so another year goes by with yet another broken tradition. my intentions were good. but , well, we all know what folks say about those. right?

i'm trying to teach a lesson around here -- that an apology should never be followed with an excuse. it kinda defeats the purpose. don't you agree? well, that seems to be a bad habit we all have here. the three of us seem to be pretty defensive people. if that's the word. i'm not sure.
anyhow. can i say -- i'm the best of the worst :)) -- i really can find, and admit my faults , and apologize --- much of the time -- without an excuse of my wrongdoing. ya know? the other two? well sometimes , let's just say -- they really try to find justification. and i think that sucks the life out of an apology. but like i said-- i'm guilty (sometimes) too.

are ya gettin where this is goin yet ?
well, if it were an apology - it would go something like this : (To soulkid)

from ME:

" i'm sorry we didn't get the Christmas tree put up last night, but i was in pain, and tired."

pretty cheesy eh?

but ya know-- if you were to ask soulman? he MIGHT say this -

"i'm sorry we didn't get the tree up last night, but i have been fighting a pinched nerve for a whole week, and i just finished emptying the storage bin. i'm sore."

but--- the truth of the matter-- the meat of the entire thing???
soulkid saw my post yesterday. so even though neither of us mentioned putting the tree up yesterday , she was looking forward to it ALL day.
before dinner, she asked if we were gonna do it---
know what she got?

from me :

"i don't think so -- i'm so tired and my back is killin me."

(at that time soulman was at storage finishing that up--getting a bed out-- no less. ugh.) --
he really did pinch a nerve -- or hurt himself somehow-- with the last load from storage -- i just can't get the man to go to the dr !!! erg!

so yeh.
she was upset -- and the topic didn't come up again for the rest of the night.

instead -- i actually cooked dinner (made some penne pasta -- with a bruchetta type sauce -- and leftover turkey meat --- shaddup--it was yummy) :))
and audrey made a yummay, cucumber salad with a german twist (her mamma is german) -- and she made some garlic bread. it all was goood--

and we watched a movie -- a movie that if you haven't seen it yet-- do NOT waste your time or money. i know many of you wouldn't make it past the first fifteen minutes of this thing. it is the crudest piece of crap i have sat thru in years. and i'm surprised i bothered.
soulkid and audrey walked out and went upstairs after the first 15-20 minutes of it's awfullness.

oh-- what movie? this one:

ugh-- the language was just horrible. and not just cuz i'm not around that kinda stuff very often. hell, even i cuss-- on occasion :))
but seriously --- it was unnecessary vulgarity. i was in the navy folks -- i have heard it all. but when i am sittin in my living room at home with my family ? it's just not what i thought i was gettin us into.
i thought it was "funny people" - not " crude people"

so--- my critique? if you want something funny-- and really want to laugh--- and not at the sake of losing half your audience -- like we did--- get THIS one -- good clean hilarious funny movie!!!

this is a great movie-- lotsa laughs -- and one for the whole family ! enjoy !!!

ok... on that happy note i believe that i am out of blog talk-

as for the upping of the Christmas tree-- YES -- it will be up today -- or tonight.
maybe that is the one thing that has to be different? we might have to do it in the middle of the day -- instead of at night like we usually do. my body is just done for by 6 pm these days-- if not sooner.
anyone know of assisted living places for the "young at heart-crippled everywhere else" ????


y'all have happy days in your worlds today -- i will letya know how it goes in mine-