Monday, August 6, 2007

did i mention i went fishing again today? (monday #4)

well i did. nothin to brag about.. but it was from the creek. that is a good thing.

The Kid"S Got Plans!! (This is a reply to an email i sent my girl)

i love you toooooo.
its okayyyy.

and if you think you miss me too much by wanting to call every hour...
imagine how much i miss YOU by having an anxiety attack.

jitterbug looks like she has down syndrome

and so do you in the picture with sushi

so does spot....
our animals are just retarted

are you taking good care of sushiiiiii

i miss sushi
a whole bunchhhhh

she is going to be happy to see me

when i get home
im going to make dad go to pei wei
and get
two orders of 8 crap wontons :]]]]
and my honey chicken
and your coconut curry or whatever
and then im gonna make sushi a little plate
and shes gonna have a wonton
and a peice of chicken
and a tiny bit of riceeee
in a wittle bowl :]
and im gonna cut up her chicken and wonton:]]]
and then
me and you and dad are gonn go to walgreens
to get all kinds of snack food and candy :]
and me and sushi are gonna make a tent
and watch scary movies
because shes my best fwend

and i can tell her anything i want
because she CANT tell anyone :DDD

i love that stupid dog so muchhhhhhhhh

and my new magazine comes out on the day i get back

and i dont care what you say :]
im going to force you and daddy to buy me pei wei and snacks and candy and blockbuster and my magazine:]
or i will tackle you
and cut off dads human blanky priveleges

it will be fun

i love sushi & middnugget
i love our dumbbutt catsssss
and i love you and daddy :]

and make sure sushi doesnt get to sad
and stop eating

iloveyouuuuu guys!

while i cruise blogland, and eat, here's somethin to look at..not a fairy :((