Wednesday, February 2, 2011

procrasti-soul is at it again

howdy folks-- what's up in y'alls worlds?  whatever it is , i hope you're not freezin to death !  here's what i woke up to this morning---  very much like yesterday morning -- except colder.  y'all know how much i love the cold don't ya???  i can't believe that only four days ago we hit 70 degrees!!!  i was in my own heaven - sittin on the edge of the pond fishin'.  y'all know that's when i'm my most content.  my happiest.  doin what i love, fishin in the warm sunshine -- without wind - or cold.  even though i didn't catch a thing -- i didn't care -- i didn't even try very hard.  i was in my happy place.
this last couple days?  i am in my true hell.  have a look ----

this is my most huge contempt in my world.  it makes me hateful, and it hurts me all over-- physically.  i cannot, and refuse to drive or go outside in this stuff.  there's an inch of ice on the roads.  the wind chill/ feels like is 4 !! actual temp? around 14 !!  yup i'm in hell !!!!  this is texas folks ! this just isn't supposed to happen here.  oh- and to make matters worse?  rolling blackouts !!  HERE? in the worst ice and snow we've had in maybe years -- they decide to -- without warning -- start freakin - "rotating power outages"  :((  they are 'supposedto last 15 minutes -- some have reported them as long as two hours.  the 'DART' system.. a train that runs in dalls - like a trolley on tracks kinda... was stranded in this freezin weather -  for over two hours due to power loss !  no warning -- it just shut down in transit - with passengers.  freezing!  my microwave and oven must be on some kind of -- somethin-- cuz i can't re-set em.  am i pissed?  umm you know it.  i'm only gonna get worse if it happens again.  if i end up freezin in my own house?   oooooh  --- someones gonna hear from me.  i know they won't care--- but i'll feel better :))

and ! they say stupid groundhog paxatuxy puke -- yeh i know-- i forgot his name --- but he predicted an early spring?  HA!  lets not celebrate too soon shall we?

so.  ya wanna know where soulkid got a job ehh?

Sonic.  i think it's an alright first job.  she will be a roller-skating car-hop... after two weeks training.  i told her she better get down to the skating rink and get to practicing !  she hasn't skated since she was -- maybe 12!  wish her much luck!

my house is almost finished -- but each day that passes - i get more and more slow-- ok-- exhausted and sore. (i'm sure the weather isn't helpin any ) -  we have made a ton of head-way in here .. and soulkid has been bustin her ass upstairs... but seriously?  with my limitations?  i have passed them all - like two days ago.  i last a lot less workin durin the day.  the first couple i was workin maybe 5 or 6 hours -- runnin like a freight train.. by yesterday?  i was lucky if i worked two hours.  i hope i can push through a little more than that today -- if i can , i might get all finished.  there's very little left to do.  i hope i finish, without collapsing.  that has happened in the past when i've pushed myself too far.

anyhow --- if i forgot anything - lemmee kow- and i'll cover it in the comments .

happy days to y'all in your worlds--
surprisingly, my mood has been great -- it's just my body that's havin a tough time here and  God made drugs for that :))