Thursday, August 16, 2007

oh.. i almost forgot (TH pt 2)

NO, thank God, This is NOT my house. it IS the house directly across the street though. so, easily could have been mine. unless of course, it was someone who knew them, and targeted their house. theirs was the only one, at least on this street, that got it.

after the initial thought of "haha they got toilet papered"! (yes i am quite juvenile at times.) i then thought... holy crap (ha, skuze the pun).. oh man, what if they would've done my house? how in the hell would i clean that stuff off... i have never had to do that before, but i do imagine it is not an easy task.
then, i realized... oh my... i used to do that to people when i was younger! how thoughtless of me! haha. but anyhow... must be nice to be young and take risks like that.
but how it sucks to be old now, and fear the thought of one day having to somehow get toilet paper out of MY trees, when my own kid pisses off another.
ahhhh life. aint it great?

an oh,.... looks good huh?

oh, and how bout this???? would this be brave? or stupid?
bruschetta for breakfast! it was great goin down, but surely the reflux will be diasterous!

alrighty... here's some "not jailbait' for ya

here we have an aging, but still hot as hell Richard Gere

and next, a bit younger, and less modest Dennis Quaid

an older, but still quite hot Dennis Quaid

for you disco mammas, we have this guy. Hold Me BACK!!

and here; on the more real side of things, the true image , yet again, of a forty something guy... do we all have our guns at the ready??

and finally, for those of us who prefer NOT to shoot, or be shot... we have this hunk, after all, beauty IS only skin deep, right?

so.. lemmee know which YOU prefer.