Monday, November 23, 2009

ch- ch- ch- changes

happy monday y'all -

obviously, i've made some changes around here. they sort of coincide with a few other changes that i've noticed happening around here. not of my doing, btw. but hey. if it's time for change - it's time for change. right?

i won't pin point exactly what i'm thinkin about-- or talkin about really. right now anyhow. either you've noticed -- or you haven't. if you happen to be 'oblivious', let's just consider that a good thing. k?

anyhow. -- wait--- i gotta get a watah. be right back.
i'm back. not that you would have noticed me 'missing', i just feel the need to let ya know when i leave, because y'all know , once i get distracted-- sometimes, there's just no gettin back to the original thought. kinda like now. so. yeh. things have changed around here lately, so i made some changes around this morning. as for a few of "the places i wander" .. any of them that haven't updated in longer than one month i took them down. nothing personal. let me know if you get goin again please-- i would love to know.

ok , so what else has been goin on lately? well, for starters... soulman and soulkid went on a road-trip! i didn't go, cuz my back just wouldn't allow it. not such a long drive, for such a short time. they went to Austin yesterday, just for overnight, and part of today. that didn't leave near enough recovery time for me. no way could i recover from the drive, walk around, shop, have fun, do the same today, and get back in the car to come all the way home today. so they had a daddy -daughter road trip.
they've been sending pix on my phone. it looks like they are havin a blast. they really needed this. so even tho i would have liked to go-- i'm glad i didn't -- in a way-- because it has been really good for the two of them.

soulkid with stevie ray vaughn's statue

soulman with SRV's statue
(at his grave.)
creepy? a little -- but the man was awesome guys.

this is the one they sent at bed-time
"g'nite mom"

so yeh, i miss em. they'll be home this evening.
obviously- with the clan gone, and me and audrey just hangin at the crib, i don't have a whole lot more to talk about.

the holidays are rollin up pretty quickly, and some of you know that it's not my favorite time of year. i am really trying this time around though. soulkid is very excited, and that is so good to see. due to the last couple years being so hard on her-- and that making it so much tougher on the rest of us. not to mention my own black cloud causing its usual problems. so my main goal for the next many weeks is to NOT be a depressed grouchy grinch. and to be in the spirit of the holidays. if that means rollin a big fat -- i'm just joshin people!!!! really tho-- i am tryin my hardest to be happy-- and make my family happy this holiday season. i am not gonna rain on this parade. not this time.

so. if i disappear for a while -- call it self preservation. cuz once in a while i find this blog to be a source of my down-fall sometimes. there just happens to be a person or two that know a button or two and just when and how to push them. i'm gettin better about de-fusing those particular buttons. but until i perfect that, i may need to take a break.

happy monday peoples--

and if i aint around--
i hope you ALL have happy turkey days !!!!