Sunday, November 9, 2008

and so it goes . . .

here i am.. with time and energy to actually post something... that wouldn't even be whining or cry-babying... and guess what???
i don't have a damn thing to say.

so-- sushi wants out, i need coffee, and gotta pee-- maybe somethin exciting will happen while i'm up?? ya think? lessee---

hmmm... nope. i forgot; this is my house. it's just not an exciting place to be. sorry.
sometimes stuff happens that might be worth writin about-- but i spose after bein locked away like freakin betty davis for a month-- (from.. "someone"-doesn't live here anymore" ??
it's just loses it's it's appeal.

hmmm, somehow that doesn't feel like the right word, but it's all i could come up with... out of, glimmer, shimmer, shine, glory or appeal.
don't you think it was the more suitable word?

so anyhow. soulman is makin pancakes for us. i don't usually like pancakes much, but for some reason i've been kinda hungry for them for a few days. maybe just cuz food is starting to get its flavor back-- and i just want something different. perhaps. i don't even remember the last time i had a pancake. i hope it tastes as good as i want it to.

ooh, big mistake thinkin bout food. y'all know me and food. our love affair ended quite some time ago-- but it's comin back. i'm stahvin!!!
not really. not so much. but everything looks so good. i just don't want to cook it. or especially clean up after it. or go out for it. soon tho. i've only been actually mobile for a day or two. i still look like hell, and not feelin 100 percent yet. in fact i'm feelin only like 13 percent..ok 40 percent. ya-- we'll say 40. but cookin, cleanin, drivin, goin, bein seen... not quite there yet.
but i am tryin. hopefully gettin there too.

when i do get there-- up and back to myself i mean... i hope i can actually do all i "plan" on doin.

my house is a shithole for one thing. and if you remember-- i was just startin to decorate when i got sick--or whatever. so i need to get back to work on the house. boy do i-- it's a whole lot more than just decorating now--- soulman tries--- thank god-- but really-- this place needs a good "spring cleaning".

i also need to actually get my ass to lunch with jlee-- four times i canceled lunch plans with her-- every week straight-- the first time was the day i woke up sick with bronchitis-- and the last was by text--the day i was admitted to the hospital. next time i might just call her from somewhere over there--- and tell her to -- come to so and so cuz here i am. :))
(think that would work out JLEE???) :))

and you know i wanna go fishin. me and soulman both do. he hasn't fished since before he broke his hand... and me, since before the lung thing. so yep-- we're both ready to fish-- at least mentally we are-- physically? could be another laurell and hardy show :))

i even want to shop! now y'all know that's crazy. but i do. i need some cold weather clothes-- and some friggin food in this place--AND a damn broom. yup i said broom. somehow, the broom is missing. and with all these animals? well not havin a broom is just NOT a good thing.
so-- i just need to shop. but i am not dreading it like i normally do. of course that attitude is subject to change at anytime-- :))

oh, and my landlady called me the other day. it was a bad pain day- and i was in bed and did not wanna talk. hubby was gone at work. she was asking if we were goin to renew our lease. umm well of course. cuz.."we got no place else ta go"--- and more importantly-- i'm a little bit too handicapped to be packin and movin right now--dontchya think? :))
BUT.. i just told her i would have soulman call her back-- but he hasn't--- yet-- so i guess i need to let her know we are staying... but i can't be lettin her see this house like this to sign the new lease-- and still really don't feel like meeting anywhere. ugh. hopefully a phone call will hold her off til i can get this place back in order. cuz to be honest-- if this was MY house-- i wouldn't let ME stay another year.. if i saw it like this. BAH!!!

welp-- there's more on my "when i feel better" list-- but my pancakes are gettin cold--- so--

i shall see y'all later

happy sunday!