Friday, October 3, 2008

if you think you're a bad mom--- watch this

i dare ya not to laugh :))

i guess todays mini post is in belows post comment box..
cuz i'm just lazy like that.

happy -- someday- :))

guess what????

it's 3:33

one more day

hi all--

well, i don't think i even know what to say. so many had such nice things to say. as usual. i don't know why i get so damn insecure sometimes. i wish i wasn't this way-- but i just am.

that was not an easy post to write. it took three or four days to finish. i don't know why the stupid car story got tossed in there-- it woulda saved a whole day-- but y'all know how i can ramble on sometimes. i almost cut it out-- and maybe i should have -- just to save it for a i have nuthin to say day.. but i left it. sorry it was so long.

it's good to know that i am not alone. some of you who i "talk to" have either been where i am.. or are there. i wish you weren't, believe me. but really, it helps to know that i still have you to support me. i sure need it .

so anyhow-- i guess i will keep this short today-- i'm sure some of you are still recovering from the last one. --- which reminds me-- no one was singled out in my there's the door rant. it's just the way things are right now. i can't help the way i feel. i just can't handle any more bullshit-- ya know?
that's all that was about. i guess when i feel deserted.. i open the door for others to leave too. a bad way to be , i know. maybe someday i will learn how to change that in me.

so anyways--

i hope you all have happy days in your worlds today