Sunday, August 12, 2007

Here I Am !!

ok.. hi all. i'll save my excuses for later, but i gotta say this first or i WILL forget. and you know i will. so... tonight.. Sunday, August 12- 2007... yes, that is tonight..... between 9 and 10 PM... wherever you are... YOUR time zone. there is gonna be a meteor shower. it's called the Great Perseeids... and you can read about it right here...
Great Perseids

i don't remember ever seeing one. i may have when i was younger, but i sure don't remember it. so, if you have little kids... or if you aren't doing anything special.. y'all should take a look outside tonight. OHHH.... i hadn't thought of this yet....but maybe we could go out on the boat tonight and watch it. it would be real dark out, we could see it real good. that would be sooo cool. my daughter hates to go on the boat but i may be able to talk her into it for this. plus... we could fish a bit too !
hmmm. i better bring that up pretty quick.

anyhow... you don't have to be really into astronomy or anything to look up into the sky tonight. i think it'll be awesome...especially if i can get the family motivated to take the boat out.

of course... motivation is the key word here. i am soooo tired . i even woke up dog tired today. and morning is usually when i feel the best. plus i ran my butt off all day long. well, not until after my ritual of coffee, cigarettes, and my favorite blogs etc. then it was like 10 am, or so when i got out to run some errands. i got home maybe about 12 ish... then i got to take my daughter to the mall . woo hoo. let's do the happy dance!!! not. extremely not. ugh.
i will admit, it wasn't the worst trip to the mall, but it wasn't the best either. i hate the mall. and i hate to spend oodles of money. but that goes both ways. she deserves nice things, she needed clothes, and i am grateful to be able to buy those things for her. i just wish i had some other way of getting them to the house without having to endure... people, and noise, and traffic, and arguments, and everything else. oh and did i mention it was over 100 degrees again today? it was. and i think it''s just gonna kill me. ... it won't. really i don't mind heat as much as i do cold... but i am getting almost as heat sensitive as i am cold sensitive. wth am i gonna do when i can't handle EITHER extreme?

well, anyhow.. yep. i been busy most of the day. and still run down from yesterday. and now i'm hungry... and no one wants to take the boat out tonight. buncha fuddy duddys. we are gonna go over to the pond to watch for a while though. and fish...of course. then i will come home and fall into bed.

then.. tomorrow i have a lovely gastro doc followup appt. i will let y'all know if i shove a pencil down his throat or anything.
latah tatahs

ps... the book i mentioned reading... i had to stop...cuz i can't see... and it was painful. and it was also a bit too "deep" for me right now. so i shall return it. oh well. someday i'll get my rose colored glasses.