Friday, October 30, 2009

who knew?

hey peeps-- happy frickin friday-- finally!
it seems like it would never get here. really- it shoulda been friday, days ago. seems so, anyhow.

well -- want more on the comforter saga? it's in my car . why? well, i did take it to the cleaners yesterday. then after i went through my sob story about the whole cat ordeal. she tells me i won't get it back til monday or tuesday! hell. i knew it would take a couple days, but that just seems TOO long. i'm like why so long? she shows me the 'care tag' -- now shit, who in the world reads those!?
did y'all have ANY idea that down was machine washable? and actually NOT to be dry cleaned?? i had no idea. i always thought it was like crystal or diamonds or something. i treated that thing like a baby. i wouldn't dare have thought i could dare put it in a washing machine. it's fluffy, soft, delicate feathers people. who would soak it in a machine??? hmmmm..... apparently, everyone! except, me. (i wish i had every feather pillow i ever tossed in the trash -- ugh. machine washable. who the hell knew?

so. needless to say-- i kept it. i wasn't gonna pay them 30 or more dollars to machine wash-- and keep my blanket for almost a week-- and still maybe not get the stains out.
hell i can ruin it myself for free :)) so back in my car it went. and stayed.
i will work on it today --

i would have worked on it yesterday, because i do want it on my bed.. we really love it when it's cold. it's wonderful! but , well, you see.... the weirdest thing happened as i was runnin my errands yesterday. i had several real quick stops after takin soulkid to school. post office box-- pick up, and mail,, then pick up an rx, then hell i don't know one or two more quick things, then i had to go to target--- first i HAD to get a different cat food-- this daily cat puke surprise 'everywhere' was about to kill me, and i also wanted to get the new 'Train" CD-- if you listened to the 'hey soul sister' video the other day-- woo boy-- i love train... my kid says Train writes their songs for ME. i thought that was pretty funny.
anyways-- back to my story-- my back was hurtin when i woke up-- remember?, well, i took meds, and it chilled for a while-- but there i am , in target-- when suddenly -- i may as well have been shot in the back! (no, i've never been shot-- so i'm only guessin at the level of pain) -- but that's how fast, and bad the pain came. i didn't know what to think, or really even what to do. i had a cart-- which was good-- cuz i prolly woulda dropped everything - and maybe even dropped to my knees as well. it was just horrible.
if i didn't have pain meds at home, i would have headed to the hospital. that's how bad and sudden it was. so i just took what i had-- a fraction of what i went for-- but i did have my train cd, the cat food, and a couple other things i went for-- i paid for that and headed right home.
first thing i did was get my damn bra off-- if i could've i woulda took it off in the car-- it was killing my back. so was the tag on my shirt-- i just had to get those things OFF immediately if not sooner. so i did. then texted hubby to see if he could pick up soulkid, and swallowed some pain pills. i usually take two when the pain gets bad-- this time i took 3. i don't know for sure if i have ever taken three at once, but this was near crippling, crying, pain. and if you're wonderin-- nope-- not lucky enough to get stoned...and too chicken to find out how many it would take. i was afraid to go to 3-- surely you don't think i'd attempt 4? nevermind... i wouldn't.
anyhow-- the pain did ease up over the next half hour or so. thank God. (oh and yes -- hubby was gettin off in time to get the kid-- or no-- i wouldn't have taken more than the 2 pills.-- i'm not an idiot.) altho..... :))

ok--- one more topic and i am outta heah----

bah---- nevermind--- i'll save it--- i like to torture smocha like this :))
love ya sis hahhahahahahah (smoooooooch!)

y'all have happy fridays -- and even better weekends!