Monday, February 1, 2010

God Bless Texas

mornin peeps-

ya know, if i didn't like it here, i'd say Hell froze over. it has been flippin freezin out here for days! and you know i hate it. right now? THIRTY degrees. NOT windchill, or feels like. that is the temperature. i don't even wanna know the feels like. that doesn't matter-- i can tell ya without knowing the actually numbers... it "feels like" HELL.

i've heard people say-- that heaven or hell might be individual to each persons own 'best' or worst'. ya know what i mean. heaven being -- the best you could ever dream of, the happiest that YOU could ever feel or be. and of course hell, the total opposite.
individual to your own hell. your own torture. eternally.

i'm not sure what 'my heaven' would be. i think it would just be to be with people i love and trust. mainly my babies-- you know that. just somewhere beautiful and pure with a lake or a stream, trees, and no doubt or fear, or regret. just love, and people i love with me. oh, and of course perhaps, sun, and fishin. :)) -- catch and release- of course. that, i think is MY heaven.

do you even need to guess my hell? well-- first-- it would be freakin FREEZING -- like now-- but colder-- constantly.
and brown and ugly and dry-- yes like new mexico-- a place i always refer to as hell anyways. and of course my feelings would not include trust or love, or joy-- they would be pain, paranoid, fear, and definitely NOT include peace - or people i love.
that is MY hell.

so. where did all that come from? hellifiknow. all i know is i'm cold. and like i said it's 30 degrees outside, and i have to take the kid to school in a little while. oh Lord i do not even wanna leave the front door !
i cannot wait for spring. when is spring? where is the sun in fact??? the sky has looked white/gray and crappy -- if not rainy -- for several days. is it too much to ask for a little sunshine?
yeh, i didn't think so. hell, it's free. most of what i want in life is free. well, for the most part at least. health. sunshine. a little energy, feel good catch fish/ fishin days, some spontaneity in life.
all free.
but where is it?
here i sit- on my sloth ass-- dreading to go outside -- cuz i hate to be cold.
have i mentioned that little factoid of my life?
i truly HATE being cold.
i do.

so anyhow-- wonder where i've been lately?
well, i'll tell ya.

i been busy actually. trying to catch up on my life. i have fallen so far behind it's not funny. (ever wonder where that line came from? i do . "it's not even funny".
well.. it's not like anyone said "it" was. right?

anyhow-- aside from gettin bills, banks, and tax hell in order- which included finding a $1000.00 error in my bank book-- and NOT in my favor. you know that was panic attack causing. erg- gag- pffttttt.

i also have done some house cleaning-- haha-- shocking i know. :))

and saturday we went to the movies and watched

my review?
it was good. but not outstanding.
worth the wait for the DVD i say.

then, yesterday-- aside from my business stuff, etc. i had some mommy daughter time. much over-due mommy daughter time, i might add. we didn't do much-- yep-- cuz we were both afraid of the cold :)) neither of us wanted to walk from the car to -- well, anywhere. so we ended up starting out to go thrift shopping- or antiquing --- BUT we got like four miles from home and i got the horrible feeling-- OMG i think i left the garage door open. which meant the house door was unlocked too. and the dogs were crated. so -- we HAD to go back and check. we got back to the house-- the garage was shut :)) bleh.
so. we changed direction-- and instead of heading back to whence we came , we chose a different direction, now with only food on our minds. it was late afternoon, and neither of us had eaten.
we stopped and exchanged movies at blockbuster on our way to our mystery lunch tho, and got "Saw 6". i'll get to that later.
we ended up eating at a new and different place-- which was all we really cared about. this same ole same ole-- is gettin old. so we found a place -- the kids pick-- and a very good one i'll say. we will be goin back there someday-- with hubby in tow.
(even tho, the poor fella is back on his - almost no carb- diet, and will miss out on the delicious fried calamari , and home-made sour-dough bread we shared.) OMG, it was to die for.
we almost left before even sitting tho-- there we were on a sunday afternoon, and 90 percent of the customers were wearing ties, and dresses, or nice pant suits. here comes me and my kid-- decent of course-- but clad in jeans and sweatshirts. :((
i felt very out of place and undersdressed for what seemed at that point an upscale sorta place. but we-- obviously stayed -- and were delighted.
and we had good conversation, and a good time. which was soooooo overdue -- it aint even funny :))

no joke tho. tensions have been high lately between she and i. i'm not sure why. we just haven't been getting along well lately. a lot of arguing and yelling, over the dumbest of stuff. so i was happy to get out, and clear the air, and enjoy some one on one time with her. it did her some good too. we've been doin better together since.
she even got up this morning-- on my first try-- without bein a brat. :)) trust me-- that is always a good thing.

so-- after hubby got home from work , we all watched

saw 6

if the saw movies are your thing-- i say get it-- it -- to me-- is one of the best of the series-- it has a neat twist at the end. :)) bwa hahah enough gore and guts to last til the next one. and yes-- i think there will be another . and maybe another-- bleh. but hey-- to me? these beat freddy and jason, any day!

so. i think that is all i have time to jaw about for the moment-- i must ready myself to freeze. i mean take the kid to school.
oh-- someone help me. i have to take her tomorrow to get her drivers permit. i think that just might kill me.
no. not that part. the letting her drive part. i don't know if i can handle it.
save me.

hey-- at least i didn't say "kill me" that time :))

happy days out there folks!