Sunday, January 17, 2010

was that too harsh?

yeh, i thought i was a little rough on that '1st' post myself. i admit that. i didn't mean to sound like a bitch, but i spose i had some venting to do. i also wanted to make a few things clear from the start. ya know? why not? right? new or old here, let's shoot straight from the get go. i put my intentions out there-- and if yours don't match mine- then you know where the door is. 'capice'?

ok, now that we have that cleared up, and hopefully i am forgiven.

howdy folks!!!! i'm so happy to see those of you who stopped in yesterday!!! really.
like i said-- i'm not hiding from anyone-- in fact, with my style of writing, and even my 'name' it would actually be impossible. well, IF anyone were to actually try and find me.
like Gypsy said-- i am a bit unique. not many folks write/talk the way that i do. and good ole google is always there to assist with anyone who would think to punch in one of my phrases or quotes or somethin. well, i would think so anyhow. besides that-- most folks know my nickname 'brezz' came long before 'soul'. so-- even tho i would sometimes like to fall off the face of the earth-- not gonna happen if i continue to blog.

so. i'm here to stay i reckon. like it or not... and apparently-- ya like it. so do i. :))

i'm wonderin if i need to explain myself to any of y'all at this point. i feel like i should. but at the same time.... i really hate to do that. or feel like i need to. explain myself, or try to make folks understand me, at times. ya know? why can't i just BE? most of you, already know me, and how my mind works. that in itself should be enough.
i really wish it could be. without me explaining, or defending myself. because when i have to do that? it only makes things worse.

so. ya know what? that's all i'm sayin about that. because it's all i should have to say about that. i'm obviously not doin well right now. but that can change in an instant-- or it could change in two months... eventually it will change. so-- just love me, til it's changed. how bout that? i'll be the me you know and love -- someday. :))

anyhow--- my coffee is cold now, and i am in dire need of a shower. -- please don't get a visual on that :)) i haven't done much of anything in over a week -- maybe two. my car is two weeks overdue for inspection and registration. i am two months overdue for a haircut. my hair is brown and gray. i am one quarter of a tank low on the tank that was filled over two weeks ago. what does this spell? how bout d-e-p-r-e-s-s-i-o-n?
i have to do something.

i don't know if i need a med change-- or a vacation, but something has got to give here.
my pain is worsening, my brain is worsening right behind it.

oh! but eevee is having her surgery on the 22nd to have her breast tumor removed!!!finally. i -- we are very happy about that. the darn thing has grown and looks so uncomfortable for her. it should be simple, and hopefully a quick recovery for her. she recovered from her spay in about two weeks, and that was pretty major surgery. this will just be snip and clip---

after that-- on the 8th, she will be making the trip with her daddy to go to florida to pick up the new bubba boat :)) for company, and protection. she will love that. and so will stez. (soulman's new name-- he's actually had that name as long as i've used brezz-- since about 1995?-ish)

welp, on that happy note- i just went braindead, and have not one thought in my head.

so i will leave you with that.. and go cruise around to see if any of y'all have anything to say today-
have happy days in your worlds today!