Wednesday, February 17, 2010

guess what i did today? anybody ?

any takers? any guesses?
nope, not a nap.
nope, didn't clean the kitchen.
nope, didn't get my hair cut.
uh uh, not that either.
so. what did i do?
well, i did pick up a prescription.
oh, and before that i took soulkid to school.
ummm, i also bought a case of water.
i paid a couple bills.

oh-- what's that? you don't give a damn? about none of it?
ok. well. how bout this? do you give a damn if i happened to have gone fishin?

well, what's even better than that? how about--- THIS !?

i went to the creek -- and didn't get a single friggin bite. after about an hour or so , i got tired and my ears were actually hurting from the cold, so i left. i swung by the house to grab my camera, and go pee :)) then i decided to go 'my' pond, and give that a shot.

i fished there for nearly two hours, maybe more. i was by that time, in pain. back, legs, ears, head, name it. if it was a part of me; it hurt. and i hadn't had a bite. no fish, no bites, nuthing. i was frustrated, but i wasn't quite at the point of angry yet.

by this time , soulman had already agreed to both cleaning the kitchen , AND picking up soulkid from school---- all i had to do was GO fishing. that in itself wasn't good enough-- for ME. i was gonna catch a damned fish if it killed me! oh and it was about to.

i had one last shot. one other place to try. one other pond that is close to home. we call it 'his' pond. (we have your pond, and my pond) :)) just worked out that way somehow-- he actually 'found' both of em. we just have our preferences-- then there's the creek.

anyhow-- i had been fishin for goin on like four hours -- maybe three-- yeh i think three hours by this time, and absolutely nothin was happenin. so i was gonna move on down the road. and i did.

i got to 'his pond', and i thought to myself - gawd, i'm doomed' -. not only were fish not bitin anywhere in town, but here was my last chance and there were two big ass trucks, with their engines runnin, chainsaws goin, guys workin on power lines. eegads. i knew no fish were gonna bite. they were surely hunkered down .

but-- i was on a mission-- and i gave it a go-- i fished my guts out for over an hour- and just as i was about to hang it up? what do you think happened?
yep--- i missed one ! damn. it was a good hard bite too. woke my ass up tho. so i tossed my line back in, and got really close to where i hit right before. and guess what happened next? you betchya--- wham ! almost as soon as the bait hit the bottom of the pond he hit like hammer-- kapow!! i reeled him in like a crazy woman too :)) i can't remember the last time i went fishin-- but i know it's been even longer since i caught a fish like this :)) wanna see him?

alrighty then--- here ya go -- my little slice of life pie -- finally --- it was good too :))

and no.
we catch and release round these parts.
i sent him home.
then i came home - after another cast or two of course-

i hope y'all had good days out there peoples--
i actually did. and it actually hit a sunshiny 61 beautiful degrees :))

time's a wastin - do i care?

hi folks--
i should care-- but i don't. i do. but i can't. i am kinda stuck to the couch at the moment. soulkid and i should be leaving for school in no less than 7 minutes. she will be 'tardy' if we don't leave within that time frame. in fact, the earlier the better. but guess what? i am not even dressed yet. still in my jammies. and they aren't the most appropriate for man or weather. ugh. mind over matter? yeh right. my mind has been sayin get dressed for the last hour. my matter has been melting deeper and deeper into this couch since i woke up. bleh. help me.
ya know, the thought even crossed my mind to let her 'play hooky'. no. not an option. my next option? throw a jacket and slippers on over the mess that i am, and perhaps a hat-- i haven't even looked in the mirror yet-- i'm sure i look simply mahvelous.

the dr. did some guru switcharoo the other day with my meds-- upping and adding etc, and lemmee tell ya-- it's takin it's toll. i am zapped of any and all of what little spec of what energy i did have before. i am toast. burnt toast. med changes are never easy on me. prolly not for anyone. but geesh, i wish it would kick in and adjust already. i've fallen and i can't get UP.

ok-- one more cig-- and i must go-- maybe even in mid sentence-- who knows?

so anyhow-- thanks for all the positive comments in my last post. y'all are great.
and gypsy-- so good to see you again. it's been a while. i will have to swing by and check on ya when i get back from school. i hope you're doin better.

oh-- is anyone watchin american idol this year? ya know the casey james guy?

he's somethin else-

go ahead - call me a cougar-
he's HOT!
and he only lives like 40 miles from here :))

oh wait-- there's so much more :))

anyhow- i'm now bein bitched at- by a kid-- i gotta go