Saturday, April 24, 2010

cheatin' on the photo challenge :(( original, just not recent

happy saturday folks-- and welcome to my photo challenge entry --
yeh, peoples, i waited til the last minute; again. i would have probably got some pretty good shots for this, IF i would have fully understood the subject, from the beginning. but--- i did not. i thought it was all about the camera-- not the subject. forgive me.
so-- i got a very late start -- like twenty minutes ago-- from, right where i sit.

subject being;

this was one of our snows
of 2010
and some UFO's

soulKids - sweet 16 cake :))
she made it-

one of my favorite fish pix
sky, fish, me,
all of it -- good pic huh?
not sure.

wow-that's a big fish !
(someone needs to fire the staples ad crew!)
happy saturday -- goin to check out y'alls pix now-- if i get interrupted, to go fishin-- i'll come back.

be good kids ---- byeeeeeeeeeeeeee