Wednesday, July 22, 2009

was it something i said????

i'm still busy, and still crabby. but i won't make y'all listen to it. i'm just jumpin in to say hi.
i hope everyone is ok out there.
lots of you are on my mind every day , but i'm not findin the time to get around the blogs lately.
the movers come on august 1st... we have to be all the way out of this house by the 7th. for some reason, i want to shoot for the fifth tho. will let ya know. but we will be sleepin at the new place by the first. but still cleanin up etc over here. that should just just take a day or two. but then we gotta figure out when to get the boat over there and some other stuff.
so-- i will let ya know.

anyhow--- here's a video --- i heard this on the car radio the other day ---
when i got home i had to check out the video. now when i wanna crybaby, i think about this song :)))