Sunday, May 16, 2010

the results are in

mornin y'all-

this was supposed to be a reply in my comments-
it just got so long- i decided to call it a post :))

turned out that soulkid did end up havin fun after-all. i can't see drivin in the dark. so no- i wasn't able to go rescue her. i felt so bad. she never did text to tell me things - miraculously, got better. they ended up working it out that it was cool to dance/ hang out with other people- it was just a friend thing to begin with. so once that was settled, it got fun for both of them. and all went well for the next few hours. no rescuing was needed. i guess she just needed to vent- and talk to her mommy. :))
it was hard for me to wait up til midnight for her to come home, but i was worried , and wanted to make sure that A- she got home-- and B- that she was alright. she did get home-- on time, and she was perfectly ok. told me all about it-- and i took my meds asap-- and all was well in soulland.

she is now off on a daddy daughter day-- of adventure and - photo taking- fishing- and surprises for both. there's been a little tension between them lately- so they are out to clear the air. she's real good about telling us when she needs time with one of us -- or a family day.

she is such a good girl. i love my baby. and my man.

so anyhow-- i'm hangin roun the soulcrib today, gotta clean the kitchen- as promised. and do some other junk and catchin up-- which includes makin my rounds with you folks-- sorry i have got behind - i'm workin on it.

hugs and happy days all around -

later taterz

oh hey -- btw--- why did no one have anything to say about the dog wearin goggles? i found that to be no less than hysterical !!! why would he not knock em off? and why weren't the other dogs wearin any? that was the funniest thing i've seen in a loooong time! i still laugh when i look at it. anyhow-- maybe i'm just defective? (that's a judge judy word-that also made me laugh. could you imagine a judge calling you 'defective'?) there's somethin i have never been called-- and trust me, i been called a lot.

ok-- i'm outta heah --