Sunday, June 21, 2009

just a meme to make things easy on myself

A Happy MEME

EE tagged me for this MEME. so here i is--
i aim to please.

What makes me happy is:
these twelve things.. maybe more, but it only asked for twelve. :))

1. being pain free. (HA-- what a joke that is lately.
but i am happy when i don't hurt. )

2. my kid being happy -- without the need to get in trouble to be that way. *SIGH*

3. good sex. :)) -- i can say that-- cuz i'm married.

4. a full nights sleep -- especially when i fall asleep without meds. (which is like 4 times a year)

5. a clean house. mine in particular.

6. a belly laugh-- it doesn't even have to be my own.. i just love the sound of it.

7. writing a blog post-- or a poem, that simply comes together.

8. i can't believe this wasn't first--- catching a big ole bass!!

9. friends and family just being there for me -- without being bribed, or begged. or just not .

10. feeling like i'm not just a waste of space, air and money.

11. laughing out loud -- at something or someone other than myself--when i do something stupid.

12. peace in my home -- without having to hide in another room alone to find it.

Now, I'm supposed to pass this onto 6 or 7 :)) other people,

"what makes YOU happy" ???

1- mary/pathways
2- smocha/ cats on the counter
3- charlottte/ golden to silver val
4- vicki- desert dirt diva
5- donna - made in heaven
6- brenda - what's up down south
7- brad - kubuto farm

Let me know if you do it.. or if your just old and boring and refuse. :))