Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Just jumpin in to say howdy !!! we're home from my sises place in Arkansas for this past weekend.

no time for deets right now . i am so screwed in computer land. my laptop AND my desktop have a crippling virus ! the DT may be saved.. the laptop -- well? it's F*^$#D.
oh and by the way -- as you can see , by the lovely arrangement and order of the photos above - i just did this post -- on the desktop -- on explorer.... and guess what?
well, folks better jump back outta here before i blow up or my desk-top melts. eegads! whaddabunchacrap!!!
well peeps -- next weekend will be the LAST of the soul- trippins' of summer 2010 . oh man. i am so done traveling. the drive across town and back today damn near killed me. i never wanna drive again...
oh wait.. what? oh yeh. :)) where to? Lubbock Texas. long weekend at aunt wandys place - gramma j - will meet us there for a visit with her soul-grand-daughter . so yeh - a family thang.
other than that? not a lot. recovering from the trip, and goin blind at the same time.
for now? grown ups have the house to themselves for the night. this like never ever neverever happens. soulman brought SUSHI home for dinner :))
see you folks again -- when i see you again :))
talk to me ! what's goinm on in your lives people?