Saturday, March 13, 2010

take me to the zoo and leave me in the sloth cage

happy saturday folks -

am i late again? if not i feel late. i didn't notice my last post day, but it has to be at least a couple days ago? could be yesterday -- but i don't think so-- cuz yesterday was one of my busiest days in what has to be months. and i'm talkin near non-stop runnin from 830 a.m til after 4 p.m . that's like one of those VA fightin days. remember those? drivin to dallas, usually gettin lost every time, panic attacks, cryin, awful days.
well, yesterday wasn't 'that' bad'. not to that extent at least. it was just physically and mentally draining. and toward the middle? yep-- painful.

i was a smooshed sloth --- :((

in a way -- i was happy that soulkid was with me -- because i had to fill out forms at each stop -- an i could NOT see , to do it ! soulkid had to be my eyes the entire day. really. she had to fill out almost every form..and there were many. all i could do was sign and date them. i hope she didn't mess anything up -- cuz i couldn't even proof read them. i trust her though. anything she wasn't sure about, she asked, before she wrote it down.

oh - sorry-- i didn't even say WTH we were doin yet. how brilliant of me - right?
i'm sure you're wondering why her ass wasn't in school too huh?

well, i'll tell ya. i have to back up a day though.
picture it ... Sicily, 1932 --- oh sorry -- that's the golden girls --
ok off we go ....

Thursday afternoon....
soulkid calls me from the bathroom at school.
yeh i know.
she is hysterical with joy!

MOM, you have to come pick me up- right now! i have to tell you something!
-ummm, NO, i'm not- what's goin on?
you won't believe what just happened.
yeh, maybe not-- WHAT?
i got called down to the counselors office, and they told me that as a transfer student , and because i'm failing too many classes, i have to go back to my other school ! isn't that awesome ?!!!!

(mind you-- she is screeching like a five year old with her panties on fire ! )

(she's also been begging us for weeks to transfer her back to this other school she went to last year-- and even talking about getting a GED- or some other way of some sort of alternative classes to get a diploma -- whatever -- but i have been extremely depressed -- to tears -- about the thought of her not 'graduating' --- because i KNOW she is capable -- and i had always 'seen and expected her to finish school and go on to college) -- i know-- my dream, not hers.

so anyhow-- back to the conversation-----

umm, no 'soulkid' i don't think that's awesome. at all. you just got 'kicked out of school. don't you think that's a little serious?

she didn't care in the least-- this is exactly what she wanted -- since the beginning of the school year-- her boyfriend- and her best friend go to that school. she's dying to go to that school.

so-- i'm feeling deflated-- she's floating on cloud nine-- it's settled that i will not pull her out of school one second early that day-- she goes to class-- and i call the principal to find out WTF is goin on-- and WHY would they talk to a 16 year old BEFORE ME. ugh.
pissed off much?

come to find out -- she wasn't totally thrown out of school-- what she failed to mention to me, was the fact that she was given the opportunity to bring up the grades in the '4' :(( classes that she's failing -- and guys i tell ya -- three of those she should by no means have lower than a C in -- math is her only weak class, it has been for years.
the others she should be doin much better in. it's pure laziness . or perhaps a control issue. i don't know.

anyhow-- once i heard that-- i told him-- she didn't tell me that-- but i know her, and i know that her knowing that it depends on HER bringing up her grades? she won't. she will sit there, and waste everybody's' time, until she gets the final walking papers. and gets her way. (as usual).

he said "you know her better than we do, so is that what you want to do?"
i said-- it's what i have to do. for all of us. i know that's what she will do with her defiant self.

so we went yesterday--- and hell day began. and lasted alll damn day long. i thought i might die. for real.

it didn't start out so bad.

--- OOPS -- first -- we disenrolled her at her school -- (i forgot that part at first )

THEN, we went directly to the school she was to enroll in. we were simply gonna enroll her yesterday, then have her start the day after spring break. that sounds simple enough. right?
ummm, well. NOT.
nothing in my life is ever simple. y'all surely know that much by now right?

ok well, here's how things went down.

she was all but done registering in said school. of course she was thrilled. me not so much. in the back of my mind, i'm still thinkin, my kid just got kicked out of school due to grades. this shouldn't have happened-- and it better never ever happen again. or heads will roll. yes i do think things i dare never say out loud. that's prolly a real good thing. at least i can cage my thoughts-- my mother set them free and really -- i don't think she ever regretted a single awful thing she said. bleh.

anyhow- at literally the last minute-- just as we were going over her new schedule with the counselor --- some other lady came in and said-- we were not supposed to be at 'that' school, but another -- the one that is like a mile from our house.

well, we already knew that. but she attended this school last year-- and the school she was at, had put this school on all her paperwork.. so really it was a lot of wishful thinking and crossed fingers, that she would slip through the cracks and still be able to go to this school, just because she did last year.
-- reason being--- there are a lot of 'bad' people at the school in her district -- and she is basically, 'forbidden by us as parents to attend that school, or hang out with 'those' kids-- for her own safety... and sobriety.

so. that's why yesterday was such a big fiasco. we had to go to her school, the school we 'registered her in', then since she was at the 'wrong school', we had to go to the admin bldg, and talk to the big guy, -- which didn't work out- so we talked with his secretary-- and had to fill out a transfer form online -- then talk to her again... then it-- the request-- now has to go up the 'chain of command' for approval.

but--- since she technically isn't even enrolled in any school at all, at that point-- we had to go enroll her at the school we don't want her to go to--- TWO entire hours there. UGH.

we finally finished and walked out of there at like 4 p.m - after entering our first building of the day at like 8:30. one more errand woulda flat out killed me.

anyhow , before we left , i told them -- actually, more than once, at more than one place, -- i will not send her here / there for even one day-- i don't want to go to jail, but i'm just not gonna do it. -- can this be expedited ?

every person that we talked to-- even at the admin place-- is on our side -- due to the circumstances-- and all of this will be expedited. hopefully it won't take more than the first week after spring break. and i hope she can make up any 'lost time'. because they are gonna approve the transfer to the school she- and we- want her to go to. not that there aren't drugs, and BS at every school, or even every street corner-- it's just that at the one school-- it may as well be in her lap. ya know. and i won't let that happen.

they wouldn't like me when i'm angry :

click it to make it bigger -- it's so great :))

ok peeps -- looks like the child and i have postponed our trip -- leavin tuesday -- know why? cuz i don't really care -- and her boyfriend is off work on monday -- she just has to 'see' him before we leave. sooo-- i get to chill, and skip the weekend traffic, crowds and prices. :)) and let her think it's all for her
bwa hahahahaha

happy weekend folks-