Monday, June 2, 2008

monday - again - yippee

does monday ever feel like anything besides one more day slipped in there to make people grumpy? i seem to feel like a bitch on monday morning, and i don't even have a job! i mean , sure, i have things to do. hubby and daughter are tough to get movin on mondays. their tired from doin more than usual on the weekend, stayin up late, etc. but for me-- monday shouldn't be a whole lot different. but it always seems that it is. of course-- things are different i spose. like i said, the atmosphere is different with them. of course, there is , more often than not a much bigger mess around the house than usual on a monday morning than most other mornings. you know, things like that. and i also have usually had less sleep over the weekend. less than them even.. because even thought we all may stay up til 12 or 1-- they may sleep til 9, 10, 11... the latest i ever make it might be 6-- but on the norm, it's between 3 and 5 regardless of what time i go to sleep , on any given night. -- i did , however make it from about 1230-6 last night-- which was like a miracle for me. woo hoo. i hope i have the energy i need today to get my shopping and crap done today.

most of yesterday was spent cleaning my house, and working on my stupid laptop. i spent hours on that damn thing, and every time i'd think i had it fixed... the stupid corrupt files thing would start poppin up again. i googled stuff, read my manual, did stuff that said to do, i did everything i could think, guess, or even just assume i should do with it. apparently NONE was the cure.
i got sooo mad. i eventually did take all my photos, files and anything i was afraid to lose if it crashed off and put it onto discs. i had no clue what was goin on with the damn thing.

hubby had finally offered to try to fix it.
right at the point that i gave up on it-- at like maybe 9 pm. i was soo done. i coulda thrown it at the wall. i was soo mad at it. well, by the time he gets it-- he starts askin my- why is your firewall turned off?

hell if i know. all kindsa stuff was off-- or not there.. or not runnin.. well who knew?
ya know-- all this stupid corrupt file, and crap started when my bookmarks and toolbars got dumped that night-- mysteriously. i guess i somehow picked up some kinda virus that night-- that did all this weird stuff. and it just kept gettin worse. even my yahoo messenger got "corrupt" and quit workin, a day or two ago. the downloaded one. i'd dump it-- re download it-- ugh. then it would be corrupt again.

anyhow-- it took like four hours for hubby to do whatever he did last night. on top of the hours i spent on it... but so far this morning-- i THINK it is fixed. i sure hope so. i hate computer bs problems.

especially when it messes with my routine. whaddabunchacrap !
now i need to go try to download yahoo messenger again.. if it does that corrupt file crap again... i am gonna just scream.

as for yesterday-- i did not go fishin-- i actually cleaned my house-- most of it.
today i have to grocery shop and catch up on errands.
if i finish that-- i should be able to fish a bit tomorrow.

tomorrow is the last day of school here--- my child has passed all her major statewide tests -- and i haven't heard a word about summer summer school. i'm not doin the happy dance just yet-- cuz she does have a couple low grades-- but i sure am hoping that no news is GOOD news and that she won't have to go to summer school !!! that's one thing on my list today-- to find out for sure. how cool will that be if she skates outta that !!!!

welp-- i bettah get goin..

boring post i know-- sorry.

i'll be around latah--