Sunday, August 23, 2009

well rain on you sunshine-- (now with added photos)

as my poppason would always say-- and ususally to me :)) must be cuz i'm so cheerful huh? oh well. just happens to be one of those days that i can hear him say that as i poured my coffee this morning. " grumpaw" or not-- i miss him .

so anyways-- i wake up this morning, and i'm not feelin too awful bad. yet. i walk into the bathroom.. half asleep-- go to set my cigs and cell phone on the counter and miss. yep. completely. my sort of new i-phone, crashes to the ground. usually those things happen in slow motion with me-- this time , it was like mach speed. i tried to catch it, but no way-- it hit the floor before i could even get my hand out there to try to catch it.
i t was face down-- and i just knew it would be shattered and ruined-- with it's uninsured self. it wasn't! it was fine! i turned it on and it worked! and i was happy.

then i came out to the kitchen to make coffee-- something i really hate to do in the morning -- i can't hardly see -- not to mention move-- in the morning... it's just a pain in the ass-- but i must have coffee. i would die without my coffee . what do i see? a styrofoam cup on top of the coffee maker with a note written by soulman. it says
"Guten morgen :)) "
haha--- he had the coffee ready to go -- all i had to do was pass go and collect 200.00.
ok that's pushin it--- i pressed start -- and voila-- coffee. i'm so damn easy to please!


dum dum dum.... are you ready?
guess what? remember the other day? how adorable, yet stupid sushi looked wearing her diaper?
well... imagine EEVEE in one ! yep. she just started bleeding today too! luckily on tile. but still. i KNOW she won't keep a diaper on. ugh. ugh. ugh. and another UGH.

you know what this means don't you? both of them in heat at the same time? aside from "there will be blood" haha.. sorry-- i was thinking of a different type but then i thought -- nevermind---
but they will FIGHT. they fight when one is in heat -- this is the first time they have been in heat together. once eevee went in just after sushi stopped. but ughboy.
this is not good. i can tell already.
but i am also not gonna pay an extra 80 bucks to have sushi fixed during her heat cycle.
soooooo-- this should be fun. NOT.

our bathroom is done. sorta. it needs a mirror, and some sort of decor. but the hideous wallpaper is gone, and the painting is done. i removed the wallpaper--soulman sanded and painted. looks good-- i'll put a pic up later on. the paint dried a little darker than it was sposed to look, but it's still ok.

it's small and hard to get pics of -

just a toilet and sink -
looks much better though.
now we get to do soulkids bedroom. or soulman does-- it doesn't have wallpaper-- and i am not a painter-- i used to be-- i just can't do that kind of stretching these days. she wants purple. ugh. i hope they can make it work. in my mind it is a disaster. never know i guess.

welp peoples, i have stuff to do-- i'll catch up later--
have happy days -

PS-- smocha said she was hungry-- just as i was cooking

then i added this -
to dr it up--
hungry aintchya?

come on ovah !!!

(PS-- nope, not dog vomit-- it's green chili stew.)