Tuesday, January 18, 2011


'sup peoples?  not much exciting going on out here in my texas world.  the weather gods are bein rather kind lately.  i won't complain about that.  we've been in the 40's and 50's for several days runnin.  rain and wind is expected - but i'll worry about that when i see it.  i always hope for the weather guessers to be wrong when it sounds lousy.  a lot of times they are.

anyhow - i don't remember if i have put a pic up yet of the soulchilds jeep yet??  if not here it is -- still in need of -- a new carb.  ugh.  we got it on order last night .  kill meh.  we both thought soulman would be able to rebuild the original one... didn't happen.. it was a piece o' crapola.  better to just get a new one and not worry about failing emissions and doing more work later.  (i know- lousy pic - i thought i had one on my phone - but it's gone :(( - so i went out and took one -- with my car in the way -

it's nice actually - and she loves it -- that's the most important thing of all.  it has a hard top , a roll bar , and A/C - which are rare for this model and year - '88 jeep - 'somethin' - i'll get back to you on that.  :))
but - the price was good - and they held it til we could pay it off... BUT - parts are gettin expensive already.  we had to break out a paid off credit card yesterday for almost 700.00 worth--- you know that is pure pain for me.  but i do want it on the road as fast as possible.  i swear i'm gonna have a coronary - if she doesn't stop drivin soulman's truck. 

on the bright side?  soulkid does have a job interview lined up this week-- and is graduating on 2-5.  so it aint all negative -- as much as it sounds like it sometimes.  :((  she really is a good kid.  y'all just don't know how proud and happy we are to see her graduating.  you know there were times we didn't think she'd finish school - much less graduate!  :))  now a job, and a car... she's gettin there guys .. she just had a rougher road than some.

in other news ....  i am still enduring -- with periods of relief -- a five day long stinkin headache!  WTH?  i hope it's PMS - and not a pre seizure or something like some others i've had like this.  whaaaaa.

that- my friends is about all i have to say at this point.  somehow i stay busy all day every day -- but it just isn't worth talkin (writin) about.  but 'm cleaning, sorting, searchin for tax rct's, goin to dr's, oh -- and guess what else i have found to spend time doin?  would y'all believe that the - number one  x-box widow - has joined forces? LOL -- it's true.  while we were in NM with hubbys fam.. his brother bought a WII.  it looked like a lot of fun.. i was sick there - remember -- i would go to bed early - but i would hear everyone playin it - and laughin and havin a real good time.  i did try to-- note the TRY -- :))  to bowl before we left -- it was fun, but i did suck .  :))  anyhow - a couple weeks ago -- i took my 'new' credit card --- this was before the car stuff -- i would not have done it if i knew what was comin... but yep i got us a wii -- and it actually helps me n hubby spend more time together and it's fun!  who knew right?  he still plays x-box of course -- but not til i have my time with him at night.  this thing's better than marriage counseling.... but not reccomended! y'all know we are our own breed among the normal folks. 

ok -- time to get goin here --
hope you all have happy days in your worlds today!
i'm workin on it - and considering --- i'm doin pretty good lately -
latah tatahs