Saturday, May 9, 2009

i am the walrus

koo koo ka choo

yup-- and i don't even like the Beatles. but that's what popped into my mind after dinner last night---

i am the walrus !


y'all think i'm strange sometimes??? hmmm. well you should share some time in MY head. gets a little scary sometimes. but it's kinda fun too. especially the stuff i don't share with others. i do amuse myself at times, but what i think is funny just might get me locked up someday. koo koo ka choo? :))

but anyways-- why the walrus? just to clarify... it was a blubber thing. a fat day, if you will. buying a set of scales has been on "my list" all week, but it's been a tired, crappy week, and i accomplished very little. and what i did manage to accomplish was next to miraculous. so i'll just be glad of that, and get the scales -- maybe today. ha! i'll get back to you on that. i also had mailing baby brody's "something" on my list for the last three or four days too--- guess who got delegated that fine duty? yup you guessed it-- good ole soulman. oooh-- i could text him real quick and have him get the scales too! there's a plan. did i mention that he's pushin thirty pounds? pure will power. no pills, no nothin. and that is sayin a lot for him. this is a guy who loves his food. he's been off carbs and sugar and between meal snackin for close to , or over two months. i say props to the big guy. so anyhow-- he wants scales to keep an eye on his progress-- and i want em to see how much of a walrus i really am. ugh.

i'm meeting JLEE for lunch next week.. she's gonna die when she sees what a whale i have become so fast. it hasn't been all that long since we've seen each other. 6 weeks, 8 maybe-- i"m not sure; i guess it has been a while. but i bet i've gained 20 pounds. it's ridiculous. maybe we should meet for dinner instead of lunch-- i may look thinner in the dark? i could wear black! :)) just kidding.

well anyways--- i spose i have little else to say before i start complaining. ummm, even more than i already have. sorry, it's my nature.
i'll be back later--- i don't know what other people do on wekends-- seems like not many - if any blog---- but all i do is blog or be lazy-- well, when i can't fish--- and wouldn't ya know it-- it's windy, again.

i love the wind
i love the wind
i love the wind

(do i need ruby red shoes for that to work, or will a fishin rod do ???)

happy saturday peeps