Friday, February 5, 2010

what is happening to our world?

hi folks--

i got my daughter home from school yesterday afternoon. and it was a rare occasion to have her dad home and chillin on the couch. he hadn't been home long, because he wasn't here when i left to get her-- usually on those occasions, that he is off in time to pick her up -- yeh you know it -- i talk him into pickin up the child. and he will. cuz he loves me, and he knows i hate to leave the house.

so anyhow--- when we got home , and he was here, we all had a little chat. sometimes we do this, but a lot of times, we kind of just do our own thing- until dinner time. then review our days over dinner.

so. the spawn :)) , was extremely chatty , and was goin on an on -- kinda like i do sometimes-- ok a lot of times.
she was jumping from one 'story' to another, and it was difficult to keep up.
not only for me- but hubby too. we were really listening intently though, because this was some serious stuff she was talking about. she was just having a hard time finding the words to express it all.

what she was telling us was something i have -- until that moment -- only heard on the news. and unfortunately, for some strange reason, way too often in recent weeks in our area where we live. ok-- not our area-- but the metroplex-- ya know?
so anyways.
not sure about hubby-- but my little shriveled mind could only grab so much of this conversation, before i had to stop her-- and make sure i was 'gettin it right'.
was i? not hardly. to break it down for y'all though? in short?

1- a kid had a gun at school.
2- he had a 'hit list ' with at least 5 names on it.
3- my kid knows a few of these kids- one is a very good friend of hers.
4- my 'understanding was that 'someone' turned this kid in for having the gun.
5- i was wrong. NO ONE said a thing.
6- no one was shot or hurt --- or arrested.
7- me and hubby were and are terrified.

this is how kids get killed. this is how columbine happened. no one took those kids seriously. there are a lot of 'if only's' in that story.

parents- teachers- students- , a lot of people may have changed that situation --
if only ---
one person would have taken those kids seriously when they said things. no matter how insignificant it may have been at the time.

look at the end result.

and Virginia tech too.
or fort hood for that matter.

there are signs-- whether they are silent, subtle , or blatantly in your face---

don't be that person who doesn't want to 'get involved'-- or the one who thinks 'it's just a joke' or it's just an empty threat.

we don't know if the kid is serious. we don't know if he really had a gun. we don't know if it was loaded.

but i will tell ya this.

i would rather have my child and those of other parents who don't even know about this - to have a chance of keeping their kids safe -- at school of all places.

so yes, i called. i told them what i knew--- but hell no -- i didn't mention my or my kids name. why add her to the 'hit list'.
she is also home with me today.
hubby told a lady at work about this earlier today --- she happens to know the principal.... obviously -- she is taking this seriously as well. her son attends the same school. she called the principal as soon as she heard.

it is no joke when kids have guns at school.

so what, if it turns out to be a rumor-- or a lie. kids do that-- they love drama.

but lives may be saved if it isn't. and your kid may be one of those lives.

pay attention when your kid is blabbin their head off-- you may miss somethin very important when you aren't listening to what their sayin.

stay safe today y'all

and have happy weekends-