Sunday, August 26, 2007

ok, i'm back.. sunday..part two

yep... i feel THAT good.
1230 and i'm already outta gas. but what else is new , right?

anyhow. i was just sittin here taking a break from phase one of kitchen hell duty.... (makes me think of Hells kitchen.... :)) hey.. my kitchen IS hells kitchen!

anywaaaaays... takin a break from the loading the dishwasher, counter tops, trash, etc..... then ran out of hot water... awwww... such a pity. so, that was my calling for a break. so i am now in my room, the only quiet place in the house. my cave. my hide out. i checked a couple emails, and comments etc, and i was just about to go head for phase two of kitchen hell duty... when hubby said he had just started the dishwasher. ahhhh sweet relief. that part , in my mind was to be phase three... after the hand washing of the pans and other large cookware etc. but i was spared... for a while. so... here i am.

so anyhow, i just figured what better time than the present, to tell my mall hell story. and that is what i am going to do. at least as well as my senile will allow. afterall, this happened, what?.. on friday? yes, friday.
okay... let's go to the mall, shall we...
friday afternoon....

step one... i was already wiped out... (reference to Fridays post... the one that refers to me being exhausted, yet having to go to the mall... under duress) ...

step two.... daughter (13) and i... finally get into the car to head out to the mall for school shopping... phase two i think. it was to be for shoes... and perhaps supplies as well. yes i believe so. BUT.... does anything ever go the way i want , or worse "expect" it to go???? oh hell no. especially when it comes to shopping. for anything. much less... with, or for my child.

ok... anyhow... step two... we get into the car... that would seem like a rather simple task, wouldn't ya think??? really , for anyone... getting into the car, E-Z. right? oh noooo. actually, we did get in the car, even started it... but then:

i say... do you have your school supply list?

she says: uh, no.

I say: umm well, don't you think you should go get it???


turn off the car.. in 110 degrees, wait for the kid to fumble with the door key..yes 13 still has a hard time with keys and doorknobs....five minutes later, as i am having a heat stroke in the car... she returns, list in hand.
woo hoo! right?

i start the car... again. get the air on..of course... first thing she does...(no surprise, but still...i'm hot, i'm tired, i want a damned nap, not a trip to the fuckin mall!)...she takes out my bob seger cd...and puts in some shit of hers that i hate. i tell her OH NO... not today! so it just gets worse from there.... (no quotes here... but it's baaaaad...i just don't remember it all)... but i didn't get three blocks down the street before i turned around, flames shooting from my eyes, and worse shooting from my mouth!.... i tell her
i am not takin that shit from you TODAY! we will go home right now!
she gets all panicky...which makes her screeching angst even worse! nooooooo please blah blah blah... so of course i give in... with the threat of.... you raise your voice once, or piss me off in ANY way, and we WILL come home immediately. she promises to behave.

i shoulda KNOWN better. i've heard it a million times. but we continued on to the mall.
(listening to her music. :((((((((((((((((((((((( i am such a wuss! a sucker? a pushover???

anyhow, it's not that far to the mall.. 15 minutes? maybe. we get there... barely speaking to each other. which sometimes isn't that uncommon...but sometimes in the car is the only time we talk. this time..lotsa tension. i just knew it was only gonna get worse, and i really wish i woulda followed my instincts and talked her dad into going. instead of me. but nooooooo.

ok... fast forward a bit. we do "ok" for a while. til she doesnt get her way. which was when i realized i had a pair of sunglasses...the brightons, not the batman ones...that i was gonna drop off for repair... but left them in the car. so i had to go get em. so she decides to have a damned baby fit about goin back to the car. i told her to sit in a chair by the coffee shop and wait .. she didnt wanna do that either. OMG..all she did was
(forgetting, we were there for HER... to spend money on HER... i did NOT want to be there... it was for HER..yet she wanted to be disrespectful. (for lack of a "safer" term.)

soooo we are walking back to the car and i notice her button up shirt is inside out. is it a trend? a fashion statement? or was it a fashion disaster??? well, apparently she dressed in the dark...or in a hurry, cuz she was mortified...and took it out on me. shit , I didn't put it on her... why get pissed at ME??she had a t-shirt under it..if it were me, i would simply find a corner and switch it around....but noooo, she had to act like it was a massive medical emergency or something.
so, we get to the car, and it takes her ten 110 degree heat... to turn her freakin shirt around!!!!!!!! UGH. by now i could faint... or punch someone... not so much her... just anyone.

ok, so we manage to make it back inside. after waving off two cars who thought we were leaving and wanted my parking spot. :((

we go to the sunglass place. which a big ass hassle. and i know it will be a bigger hassle later and i will end up arguing with someone..or telling them to keep the glasses and shove em, when they try to charge me for replacing the arms, when they only needed screws. i shoulda just fixed em myself. will i ever learn?

ok so we leave there. glasses to be sent off. will let ya know how that goes in 4-6 weeks...lovely. but oh well, not like i need em now anyhow. just thought i would give em to the kid... having second thoughts now tho, after all of THIS.

anyhow... i'll skip the few snaps and bites in between at the shoe store, and hot topic... and fast forward to where it allllll came to a boiling head:

i was flat out exhausted by then. hell i was exhausted for hours before then. imagine that moment. well... we had to walk thru the food court to get to the car. so guess what? oh yes. the kid wants chick fil a. what do i want? i want a damn cigarette, and i want to be away from all the damn people and noise, and i want to be in my car, and i want to get the school supplies...and i want to BE home!!!!! THAT is what I wanted. so i say....
let's just leave and go to the one by target by the house.....
nooo i want to eat here, i'm tired i wanna sit down, i i i i i i i i ...whaaaaaaaa.
what do i do? i attempt to convince her that a few minutes wont kill her, my back hurts i'm tired, lets go get it down the road etc.... but noooooo. she must have it at the mall. right now. right here.
ok, fine. i don't have the energy to argue. get the damn food , eat and let's get the hell outta here, so i can SMOKE!
so..we order her food, but i did not want chicken! so we get her food, get her at a table, and i go to a different little place..for a sandwich. they took make a freakin sandwich. a 6.00 sandwich that i really didnt even want. i wanted a cigarette! so, i'm there waiting...and every couple minutes i look over to check on the girl. the first couple times, she's just sittin there, eating her chick fil a...doin fine. UNTIL...DUM DUM DUM.....

i look over like the third time... and there is a boy sittin there with her! a boy i had never seen before! an older boy! i'm like... OH HELL NO! so i go over there. not all stormin over like a crazy lady or anything...i just walked over... i looked at her face first... trying desperately to "read" it. then i look at him. he actually wasn't a bad lookin kid, just older. soooo.... i ask her

"someone you know?"
"umm, no"
so i say to him...
"how old are you"
he says.... "16"
i say...
"she's not"
he says
"she's not??????"
i say
" you can leave."
he says..."i can leave?
i say yes please."
so he gets up, and walks away.

and OMG. WW3 erupted at our little table.

well, 1st i had to go pick up my food..i came back, sat down... and here's how it went...

FIRST... I apologized! i did not have to... i coulda just gone off on her and been a total ass. but i KNEW i had embarrassed her. so I apologized. then i went on to explain why i did what i did.

and just as i had thought... i "read" her expression wrong. it wasn't save me... it was... okaaay this is weird.

but she could not understand any of it from my side. and woul;dn't ya know... guess when her dad decides to call? RIGHT THEN. and by this time she decided also, that she wanted to leave...and not eat her fuckin food that she just HAD to have...RIGHT THEN.

it was a total freakin mess. so of course dad got frustrated, trying to explain he woulda done the same damn thing i did... and why.... and for her to apologize to ME...and to straighten her ass up...
well...she STILL could only view it at a thirteen year olds' perspective. and dad doesnt handle that well. so he got pissed, and hung up on her. then she ended up crying. then the food ended up in the can... the school suppplies got nixed (for that day..which only upset her more)... we didn't speak at all til we got home...and that was only when we parked in the driveway...
she said
I'm sorry mom.
i said
i know.
and that was that.

you know you wanna be me

ok, before i get this party started ....

i reckon i could throw a new post on here. i know i been slackin a bit.

so , what do y'all want to hear about first? perhaps i could start at the end... since that is where my poor memory is the freshest.


UFC... we watched that on pay per view last night. it was most awesome , again. as always. well, almost always. but every fight was a good one. everyone i wanted to win, did. and there was blood... lots and lots of blood. eeeewwweee. but cool. i have never seen anyone with a broken nose before...and i don't imagine i want to again. it hurt me to watch.
so anyhow, by watching the fight, it meant a late night for me, which meant i slept late too. after 7. but i didnt get to sleep til after 1:30 a.m so it wasn't really a huge difference.

ok, next... before that... we watched a blockbuster movie, called "the lookout"... i had never heard of it before. it was one of those...well crap, they don't have anything, but this might be ok, type picks. we've had it here for days, but hadn't watched it, but finally gave in and watched it last night. we were both surprised at how good it actually was. we expected it to be barely watchable. it was a good story. (recommended).

ok.... before that... ummmm... oh dinner... i made a meatloaf cuz i was just exhausted all day yesterday... the heat and fishing kicked my ass, and i just had like zero energy the rest of the day. so i just threw a chunk of meat in the oven and called it meat loaf. canned green beans, and bagged "salad"...with nothing added, no tomatoes or nuthin. no chef rachel ray last night. lazy lay was way more like it. but it was good.

not much before that other than layin in my bed, no sleeping, just bein lazy, wanting to sleep, but not able to for some reason...and a bath before that, and fishin before that... (and that was my saturday...backwards!)

OH... plus... between the movie and the fight... hubby, thank God, took the kid to the store for her school supplies.. so luckily i do not have to endure another shopping excursion!

TODAY, however, i DO have to face a kitchen that i would literally pay someone 100 dollars to clean for me. but i don't know who to offer it to, so i reckon i am on my own. it is a disaster area. i can't bare to think about it, much less get in there and do it...but do it, i must.

anyhow... i was gonna post the mall hell story... but i just don't have the time right now... i need to clean before i cant muster the mental strength, at least right now i think i can get it together enough to at least get started on it. so.... i shall share that little shit... i mean BIT latah. :))

enjoy your sunday peeps... and please...everybody be careful today!!!!