Monday, February 2, 2009

HA! and y'all thought i was the mental one

hi peeps!!!
i missed y'all. bunches. and thanks for comin over-- y'all ROCK !

so-- instead of going into all the grim details of my time away from blogland -- i decided that serious horse-crap like that, just shouldn't be my first post on my return. so--- i will save that for tomorrow.

for now, i will say, i was just "regrouping".
and then, ya just gotta watch this clip from utube.
i never watched this show-- and certainly, i've never had the desire to begin a collection of what this clip shows.

so-- well... just watch. i dare ya not to laugh.

i won't be here to watch your reactions... because i am goin to bed. so y'all have to tell me whatchya think.
who is more off their rocker-- me? or this guy?

good night peoples.