Thursday, April 23, 2009


i've already driven to dallas .. ya i know..UGH, is right. and BACK.. too. double ugh. then in between i was able to spend THREE hours at the veterans hospital... most of it waiting-- something you all know i LOVE. but something i love even more? thirty minutes or so of it... guess what else i got to do???? i got to get my boobies smooshed !!! oh the glory of it ALL.
i just cant put into words how wonderful this day has been.
and to make it better? i got to go straight from there, under the duress of just knowing i would be late to pick up my kid from school. (i wasn't, so that was good. but only for her-- cuz she was a little turd to me... for absolutely NO reason. ahhh the joys of parenthood)
but anyhow--- now as i sit here, with my back on fire, i watch the minutes tick away, and agonize over the fact that in only ten minutes, i must go back out and face the masses to see yet another dr. this time to be stuck with a needle. fun stuff i say. woo hoo. if i drank, i'd certainly be plannin somethin big tonight. a big bottle i mean. nothin that involved people or anything. i have dealt with enough people for one day to last me six months. and i'm not even done yet. icky !!

well, i gotta get ready to head out... i'll try to cruise around later on. i slept late this mornin and didn't even get a chance to turn this thing on. so i shall catch ya later.

thanks for the advice on the hardrive-- but it had to get sent back to dell. as for videos bein on here-- some are-- and i may be able to copy them or something-- but i had several from my camera on just my puter program thing. they are gone forever-- i'm guessing.


welp-- anyhow-- hope y'all are havin happy thursdays and not hangin out in hospitals or gettin your boobies smooshed...or bein yelled at by your chillins.

someone should come take me somewhere--- far far away. :))
or meet me half way at least.

i must go