Wednesday, May 7, 2008

coming to you from the land of oz

howdy folks--

we're here--

simonsays and i got here--to wichita - at almost the same time this afternoon. i checked into the room and went back to the car to get my things, and then i hear-- "you look like someone i know" (from behind me) and there was Jamie. :)) so.. we came up and put our crap away, and talked for a while and recovered from the drive. then we went to eat. well, we went to K Mart first-- for a couple things, then went to eat. we went to red lobster. good stuff there . we sat for maybe a couple hours there talkin and eatin, and of course smokin like a couple trains.. on fire. :))

the hostess there was a crack - up. ( she was about 60 years old.) we saw a no smoking sign when we walked in, and were like -- oh no, we can't not smoke. so we double checked-- i asked the hostess.. can we smoke here? she says.. (like she's doing something wrong, and almost in a sneaky whisper... ) "do ya want to?? " i whisper back to her "ya" .. she says - whispering, again "come with me".. we follow, as she slowly leads the way to a room in the far back of the restaurant. she grins a sly grin and points out that not only do we have an ashtray-- we also have a booth-- and a window. well i'll be damned. we did, and we were thrilled. we were also now "miss ladies" -- as per our waitress when she arrived. "miss lady" hmmm. okaaaay.

after we were done there, we were trying to figure out what to do next--- i used to live here years ago, but i couldn't remember anything about the town or what there is to do here. soooo... jamie suggested we go roller skating ! i was all for it-- until we realized that one or both of us would end up falling and get injured. and y'all know us-- it wouldn't take much for one of us to get hurt. and that wouldn't be good. so we decided against that idea, as funny as it would be, and cursed the fact that aging really sucks ass.

about that time , we hobbled our aching selves still pLanless out of there realizing that There really isn't much to do when your married , out of town, and in your fourties ... but dammit, we were gonna have fun anyhow. cuz we're creative. and we are us. and we'll come up with somethin to do.

so, in the end, we cruised the entire city of wichita, AND the surrounding area as well. we even drove 22 miles out to a town called Towanda that i used to live in, just to see if it grew up any since we were here, about 8 years ago. well it hasn't.. it actually shrunk, and now has a population of approximately nine. we talked, we laughed, we teared up some.. ok, I did... we played with the GPS-- ok Jamie did.. we laughed at the "re-cal-cu-la-ting" of the GPS every time i would miss a turn, or decide on a different route-- although i missed more turns more often than i changed my mind. and ummm... that's what ya do when ya have twelve hours to visit with your best friend --- we're now obviously back at the room, have been for a while.. we're debating on taking some pics-- but it has been raining all damn day, and we have some pretty badly behaving hair. kinda bride of frankenstein meets drop dead fred -- ish.

well.. that's about it -- for now-- if we take pix we'll toss em on.

catchya later

happy humpday