Saturday, May 12, 2007

check THIS out.... i told you something interesting might happen !

okay..... here i was, just piddlin around the house, not really doing anything, just picking things up here and there, etc. killing time basically. hubby was at work. well, i was expecting him soon, but anyhow... he calls.... he says...
"hey, i'm outside, and there's a huge snake out here ! two birds are attacking it ! "

so, i'm like... "uh, well, what am I supposed to do about it?... just get in here and stay away from it!"

well... it didn't take long to realize that he...nor i.. wanted the chance for the snake..of whatever type to get into the garage...which would possibly lead him into the house....or the possibility of my daughter being bitten...or either of us for that matter. i mean c'mon. a snake? i hate snakes! i do not want one in my yard, my tree, my garage, my house! my nuthin. so... i of course, grab the camera... ummmm... and the broom. LOL. i know i know, but it was all that was handy. at the time.
so anyhow, i go out there to help hubby capture, or perhaps kill this snake. i haven't seen it yet, and really don't know if he's exaggerating his size yet or not. well. he wasn't! we finally saw him.
so... like they say... a picture is worth a thousand words right? so, before the photos... i will say, that after i saw the true size of this "animal"... i thought K-BAR time ! (BTW, that is a very big and sharp knife for those of you who don't know.) so we got the k-bar... and some kind of perhaps five foot long metal pry bar thing. at one point... hubby held the snake by the neck with the pry i slashed his throat. eventually, two roofer guys showed up, (to measure the roof to fix our hail damage) the midst of our snake murder, and helped finish the job... by chopping his head off with a shovel they had in their truck.
ok...... here is ... the rest of the story...... (and here i thought nothing blog-worthy would happen today...HA
let's see who can beat this one!