Friday, October 2, 2009

too early to be up -- too sore to stay in bed - WTH

mornin folks-

i could be sayin that two hours from now, and be perfectly content. but nooooo. i just had to get up at 130 a.m. this morning. not that it's new. but lately i've been able to go back to sleep. until today. i woke up in a state of panic and pain. how lovely. my first thought was "OOOOWCH, SOAB !" then i laid back down. then... i thought-- "crap! i bet no one remembered to lock the pet food up. cuz Jitterbug was sposed to fast last night ; before her surgery/de-claw, this morning!".

i really hate being jolted awake with thoughts like those. but of course, i was. and to top that off-- i also remembered - "dammit! i'm out of gas!"..yep my fuel light came on as i left yesterday to pick up soulkid from school yesterday.

but, did i feel like stopping for gas on the way home? hell no. i can barely pick up the dang full coffee pot-- i wasn't about to attempt to pump gas!!! i was hoping maybe-- just maybe-- soulman would have to take soulkid somewhere after work, and get gas in the car on his way. did that happen? of course not. afterall, i am ME, remember?
so. what do i do this morning in my 'wake of panic', and overdrive?? i jump-- well, as much as i can, jump-- out of bed-- at flippin 130 a.m ---- get eevee outside. lock the cat/dog --food and water up so jitty can't get to it. ugh. poor babies. i hate that they all suffer when only one fasts--- but that's just how it goes.

-------------------------------hmmmm, looks like i fell asleep !---------------------------
i started all that around 130 a.m or so - ish.... now guess what time it is? ... 3;15.
I gotta say , i am now a firm believer in the new (sorta new) 'fire safe cigarettes'.
i can't tell y'all just how many times they have actually done their job... in my unsafe smoking habits-- of 'sleep blogging'... or worst of ALL.. smokin in bed.
no-- i'm not in bed-- but when i woke up a few minutes ago-- i will admit i had a damn cig hangin out of my mouth--- that was lit when i started-- but it was out when i 'came to', ugh. well, hell. don't scold me-- i thought i was awake!. damn.

-----------------------------ok---------------next??? ----------------coffee, brb --------------
i'm so not used to bein up this early anymore. it used to be my norm, and i actually kinda liked it. but now? ugh. not so much. but i do have plenty i need to do when i finish here.
yesterday, i was supposed to pay my bills.. a couple were late-- i fell behind while company was here... then yesterday-- i lost track of my days. i guess i didn't realize that it was the 1st-- at least not until late in the day-- by then i was whooped , and just honestly didn't give a damn. and y'all know-- when it comes to my bills and stuff-- i'm not like that... but even my house payment.... i didn't take care of! i just felt like hell ran over me, and my main goal was to remain upright until i got my kid home--- and then i would call it quits for the day-- that's what i did. so even when i did realize i had bills to pay and things i needed to take care of--- i just let it go.

i did, however--- on, ummm, hell. whatever day i went to the dr. i went in, and told them about the pain level etc. they upped my med dose. to an almost worrisome level. but necessary, and still not therapeutic. ugh. any more would surely put me in a coma. i think i was hoping for something stronger-- that i could take less of-- not to keep raising levels of what i take that don't even work well. ugh. anyhow--- it doesn't make me feel weird, and it doesn't do a whole lot more for the pain. but it does make it more tolerable-- for a while. so any improvement is better than none---
but after i got got home--- tried the higher dose--- and realized that the little improvement was not going to be enough to manage both sides feeling this way--- i did call and cancel the left side scheduled for monday. i can't do it. i can't tolerate it-- nor can i risk being stuck at home or in bed. even unemployed gimps do have responsibilities. i can't cripple myself. i will have to wait til the right side heals completely before attempting the left. and if this is as good as it gets? i won't even attempt it. i can't like it !!!!!!

hmmm... what else can i bore you with? did i already say that jitterbug goes in for declaw this morning? poor thing. spot is healing great. she has been 'recovering ' in my bedroom. away from the dogs. she didn't seem to mind-- until yesterday. now she wants to come out and roam the house-- but it hasn't been long enough.
maybe now that jitty will be recovering with her, she'll chill out a little?
jitty spends a lot of time with her-- and on occasion sushi goes in to visit. my main concern is keeping her and eevee separated for a couple weeks.
and i can only laugh that i have a nutty sign on my bedroom door-- similar to the one my sis had on her front door.
hers said-- shut the door he's right behind you !!! (or somethin like that)
-- always terrified her baby would get outside.

mine says-- don't let spot out-- or dogs in!!!
EVERY time i see it i laugh.
what can i do.
thanks for the memories sis. haha

well.. i spose i better get to payin my house and other bills. i really hate bein late. especially my electric bill--- they have literally NO grace period. found that out the hard way--- ONE day late?? you get hit with a late fee. i think that is just BS!!!
that's not even 'late' to me. that's oops.

well, there you have my incoherent babble for the day -

and have happy days in your worlds today!