Wednesday, April 21, 2010

perhaps positive thinking and the fishin fairy brought me some luck today ?

hello again peoples... yup-- twofer humpday. don't miss the below post, or you'll really miss somethin special :)) skip on down after this one and have a bit of eye candy :))

but for now, how bout just a quick rundown of my day? -- first , i have to get somethin off my chest. the new 'staples-commercial? makes me want to vomit. wow-that's-a-low-price!!! wow- kill-me-now--bleh!!!

ok. i feel better now. so . what'd y'all do today? out here? turned out to be a beautiful day. i think i even have a touch of a sunburn. i took soulkid to a drive thru this mornin after i posted, then took her back home, packed up the fishin gear, and off i went--- yup- i really did, i went fishin. first time in i'm not sure how long. but it feels like forever since i have even been outside. it's ridiculous. this brown recluse- slothism? i really don't like it as much as i pretend -- you know that already tho- dontchya?

so. ya wanna see what the sloth drug in? i wish it coulda been a better fishin day-- well, it actually was a gorgeous day, and i loved bein out in the sun doing what i love to do--- so , no- i'm not complainin - one bit...

i fished all three fishin holes-- the creek , my pond, and soulmans pond --- i was out all day -- maybe from like 1030 or 11 until about 4:00 - ish. and man i tell ya-- i'm so sore and tired and hungry -- i could beckon a nurse fairy -- spose i'll hunt one down later. not today tho-- i think i'm shuttin this down soon as i'm done and callin it a day.

so. anyhow-- here's some delicious bass for ya--- but nope-- for those who don't know-- it's catch and release for us. never take anything home . they always go back where they came from.

[ here is the first and very welcomed fishy of the day ]

[same fish-different angle ]

[ and here we have fishy # 2 - still chompin on his jig ]

[ just tossed these in to show donna my single rose-- grew a pal this year ]

and, last but surely not the last time :))

i happened to catch the moment several nights ago
ummm... sleep-cookin, at it's very best !
steak, eggs, and grits !
that's talent !

i even remember eatin it !!!
the cookin part is a little fuzzy :((

happiest of humpdays to you !

just a quick reminder & introduction for some

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I bring you,
(in order of appearance )

the first set are :

the cleaning fairies : 1




the massage fairy :))

ehem, the fishin fairy
[thank you, everso- china mate :)) ]

unfortunately, everyone has a
snot fairy- on occasion

The Christmas fairy

here is the new year fairy 2010

i can't dare be without one of these-
the brain-fog fairy

i bring you by viewers choice -
the coffee-less
coffee fairies :))

by donation of Donna (TN)
The Guardian Angel fairy

and let's take one for the fellas here--
this one is :
"Soulmans fairy collection"

so. now when i speak of fairies. or perhaps the cleaning fairies, or my fairies, or being in need of 'a' fairy. y'all will know i do not speak of tinkerbell type fairies. oh no. not at all.

now. on that happy note? i am actually dressed-- first time in days. no , not from nekkedness. from jammy-ness. i'm growing mold like the sloth that i am. well, not anymore. i am now cleansed and clothed and i am going to take soulkid to get breakfast, when i return her to the soulcrib-- i shall go forth and FISH !

if i manage to catch anything at the pond i will be sure to show you on my return :))

happy humpday in your worlds today--

while we're at it-- how bout a -
hump-day fairy ?