Thursday, August 20, 2009

houston, we have a problem,, and a rant

i didn't think the stairs were gonna be that big a deal here in this house when we moved in. well, i did, but i didn't . just cuz i don't really need to go up there. at least, i didn't THINK i would have to. not until this passed few days as i attempted to test the soulkid on getting up in the mornings "for school". OMG. i think i may die.

i may as well be Rocky in training. pass the glass of raw eggs. really. the mornings are a bad time for me as far as pain goes. and the stairs just might do me in if i have to continue this. and add screaming at her from downstairs to it???? on no. it's not gonna work. i call her cell phone-- she has it on silent! ugh. i yell up there-- she doesn't hear me. i've told her to start setting an alarm. does she? ummm no. i've told her-- get the phone off of silent--- did she-- well, no.

i refuse to continue the up and down thing in pain for a kid her age . i just do. the yelling stresses me out and makes my head hurt. the stairs make my legs and back hurt. and she knows this. it all makes me want to turn into "gran gran" ! LOL. not that i really want to-- it's uncontrollable. then when i hold it in... i become a horrible bitch for the rest of the world to deal with. even i can't be around me. all because i had to go upstairs.

is that not ridiculous???? so preventable.
perhaps i need a megaphone?
a herd of buffalo?
my mom AKA "gran gran" once placed a giant roach on my sisters back because she was terrified of bugs-- cuz she was in trouble--- and my mom was evil--
maybe i'll do that. i'd only have to do it once.

i'm not like that.

i'll continue to make the awful trip upstairs ten times a day---
it's only for a couple more years, right?

maybe a doorbell, or an intercom system?

ideas, anyone?

(here's "the anthem, by good charlotte" it always makes me think of "gran gran!")