Monday, April 30, 2007


hiya peeples...

did anybody miss me?
it was weird to not have a computer or phone for three and a half days...but it was nice. it was almost stress free. i really love to go out there. i wish we could have a week that isn't during the school year, and we could have our entire week. i'm just gonna have to see if i can find somehow to trade my week for one during the summer...but not when it's real hot.
it's funny how much stress these animals really are. just not having to worry about them, or wake up to put the dogs out...or wake up and clean up animal relaxing.
plus hubby did most..if not all of the cooking. which was too kool.
we were gonna grill some steaks for my birthday dinner....but.....we looked in the grill first, and what did we see? look below/

birdie eggs in a nest !!!!
we couldn't move them...or cook them. so we didn't grill. we went out and had chicken fried steak by lake fork. which by the way was a mistake. it didn't sit well. if ya know what i mean. i don't think it was bad meat, just maybe heavier than what we'd been eating lately. so we were kinda ill the rest of the night that night. but we did swing by Lake Fork and try to bank fish a luck. so we went back to the cabin. did i mention that i just love it there?
OH...but our neighbors. my Lord. there must have been like five adults and at least ten kids over there, and they were the noisiest people i have been forced to neighbor with in a very long time. i bet since the NAVY barracks. it was pretty rough. but we lived. and still had a very good time.

we could not talk the kid into fishing with us, but hubby and i fished. did I catch any fish? hell no. not a single one. did he? of course. not many. he got two bass and a perch. one of the bass was just too cool lookin to not take a pic. neither were very big, but this looked pretty cool, so here ya go... i thought he looked kinda jungle camo...

as for me... i got so desperate to catch a fish i even waded waist deep into the lake ...and still no luck...nuthin but fear of snake bite. neither happened. one of these days, i'll get my grrove back.'s the lake we were at

see why i was afraid of snakes? but...i didn't see any..and the water wasn't even cold. pretty lake eh?

ok...oh...after we ate dinner on sunday...guess what we saw... CAMELS! check it out !

check this child actually SMILES, when she doesn't know anybody is looking ! she really loved the camels!

hubby even liked them !

he didn't like them THIS much tho ! LOL

BUT i did !

maybe more !

anyways...we also...went mini golfing...

and I WON..HA HA !!!

and, well that was about it. it was a great time. a very much needed break from life by all.
hope y'all had a good weekend too.