Monday, July 30, 2007


i missed everybody! i see y'all said hi... even though you knew i didn't even have a computer! how sa-weet of you!!! nice to have a welcome home. :))

anyhow... even though i didn't have acess to a computer to blog with... i am so ate up, and wanted to keep y'all up to date , to such an extent... that i hand wrote at least twenty or thirty pages while i was out there!!! i will warn you now that my handwriting resembles that of a six year old... but i am sure you will survive it. i am going to scan it later, and post some photos too. not many, and mostly of hubby and bro in law fishin. me and the young un didn't really leave the room much. but we had fun.

i won't get to that until fairly late...i'm guessing. because they have to fly out at 7 tonight... gotta get the kids laundry done...then dinner.. then, the lovely drive to dallas... and the dreaded "goodbye" to my hip... i mean, my daughter. :(( then of course, the wonderful, drive back from dallas. i'm never driving again!

ok. anyhow. i'm gonna go TRY and see what y'all have been up to, but may not have time to comment right now. i will get caught up with everyone probably in the morning, when i am able to finally have some down time.

i sure hope everyone is ok, and had a great weekend.