Saturday, February 27, 2010

crap ! i almost forgot !! -- HEY come back i have a couple more :))

mornin peoples -- i'm sorry these are late gettin up here. actually, by now you've prolly noticed it's become a habit -- but, gimme a chance -- i'll get better -- for now though, i still try. i just have a memory issue, but it comes to me :))

anyhow, these are not what i had planned on taking for the 'wood' challenge, but it was the best i could do, runnin around the house in five minutes. :((

soulman had a creative idea -- but if i woulda taken the shot he chose? chances are i would be arrested. :)) but he gets an A for effort .

oh folks - here ya go -- my three for the photo challenge :
(stuff around my house -)


(an antique wooden insulator)

(the bottom of the next photo-
an american indian handcarved wooden bowl

is that cool or what?
i have no clue of it's value - but it is authentic

a wooden lighthouse - birdhouse
it will be hanging outside when it gets warmer :))

welp sorry they're late folks - but as they say -- better late than never. right? and my apologies for the back-drop. i really had no other choice under the circumstances.
i'll do better next time. :))

happy days peoples-
hoping the sun shines on you in your worlds !

hi again -- to some of you
and a cheerio to the the rest of ya -

so. anyhow. are ya wonderin why i felt the need to pop in here in the middle of the day after already posting my photos? well, i'll tell ya why.
a funny thing happened on the way down the stairs this morning, and well , it just happened to involve a large and quite heavy wooden object.
the worst part? it also happened to involve me. well, i should say me, as in my body.
you see, i'm really not the most graceful person to walk the earth. in fact, i am quite klumsy. there's a family phrase actually -- with my name being brenda -- and a rarely used nickname being 'Brezz" -- when anyone in the family bumps into a wall, or something of that sort -- someone - a witness to that , will pipe up and say
' you - or (insert name) brezz'd the wall'
so yeh, i am 'that' bad.
so without further ado --
here's the evidence of my klutzy-ness
oh - and did i mention, i think i have a broken rib?
well, it is a possibility - but one i am hoping against.
i wrapped myself up with ace bandages, and took pain meds --
so far it's tolerable -- but i don't know if i'll make it through the night without seein a dr. i don't need meds - obviously.. but an x-ray may be in order. :((
go soul !

them's the breaks i reckon
haha skuze the pun

happy weekend folks!

dan seals did a song a long time ago - called 'wood'. i thought it would be appropriate to put the video here-- but i can't find one. bummer. it was a good song.

laterz y'all.