Wednesday, April 4, 2007

i just can't get it together

well, as you know, i figured out the you tube i decided to get the stevie ray vaughn video up. so i tried to do it by editing the page i had put the link on.. well..obviously, that didn't work the way i had thought it, it posted the video on todays date instead. so, watch it, if you care to. it really is good. no one plays like stevie!

anyhow. i actually slept a bit better last night. i woke up in a very awkward, and painful position though. my laptop was still on, and also on my lap, and i was in a sort of sitting position, with my neck all twisted and bent over. i had a migraine, and my neck felt as if it had been , well i don't know, broken? maybe. that was at about 4, as per my usual as of late. but, i was able to get all i was also wearing headphones...that were doing my ears no good at all! anyhow, i got all that crap off of me, and got in a proper sleeping position, and amazingly was able to get right back to sleep! i didn't wake up until 6:25 !!! it was a downright miracle! the gift from God that i spoke of. hubby was up, and had woken up the girl...he knew i hadn't been sleeping for a while, so let me "sleep in". what a guy. so i got up, and did the good ole morning routine. my head still hurts though, and i am still tired. seems i'd be wide awake after some sleep, but i'm not. and i'm hungry too. and as usual... do i have anything to eat in this place? NO!
i have a ton of stuff i should be doing...but i have been on my butt since i got back from taking my kid to school. i really need to be getting all my paperwork straight for the VA appt on i? NO. i should be cleaning my sty..i mean house. am i ? NO. i should be out getting some groceries..see i told you all that money i spent on food wouldn't didn't. but, am i getting food? NO. i should also be going to the PO i? nope. know what i do see in my near future? a pain pill, and a movie. and perhaps some delicious top ramen ! YUM. GAG me.

well, how special. i just got a phone call from the NIssan place. they offered to extend my car warranty. for only 600 down and whatever $ a month for 15 months, i could have an extra 40,000 on my warranty. woo hoo ! well... guess what.... i don't have no freakin 600 dollars!
but, i haggled a bit.... just for grins ya know. well, i did manage to get it down to 300 dollars down...fifteen interest blah blah blah. sounds pretty good right? especially considering the fact that i only have 46,000 miles on this car and am having some problems that could cost me a LOT more than 300 bucks to fix right now. (well the total is like 2900) but still. one of the things is my transmission, it kind of jumps when ya first go into out of park. and also... it's just plain running rough. can't pin it down yet, but a car with this few miles should not run this way. then the heater stuff that was goin on...the warranty would cover a/c and heat problems. tranny, and engine, etc. soooo. i gotta wonder. which bill should i NOT pay to get the 300 to get the warranty???? talk about robbing peter to pay paul. geesh. it would be a hundred and something a month though for over a year. just when i think i'm making some headway with these dang bills...this comes up. but i gotta think, man, if my tranny goes out, it would cost 2 or 3 grand in one pop to get that alone fixed.
i need to eat and sleep, and get rid of this headache. then i will worry about this later. but i guess my question about going to Austin on saturday has been answered. looks like we aren't goin anywhere. also looks like i won't be going fishing for a while either. oh, and wouldn't ya know it...the daughter was in actual panic mode last night over PANTS. she MUST get new pants FRIDAY....or she will DIE. God help me.