Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I bring you the "Cleaning Fairies" ....

okaaayyy, so we didn't make it to the movies...

could i have cursed myself with my tuesday torment title?
y'all would not believe what we just went through. well, as i said, we were on our way to the movies... hmmm... a funny thing happened on the way to the dollar theater. we got caught in TORRENTIAL rain AND flooding. by the time we decided to turn around and come home... it was too late.... flooding, traffic closed roads, and.. my daughter had never been in a flood like this before, so she was all terrified , ... we tried to calm her...because, we knew even through detours etc, that we would be ok. but she wanted no part of our consolation. she was really scared.
ESPECIALLY... when we went through some too deep water... and the car stalled ! luckily some guys were standing on the street... watching giant trash cans float by etc...well, they pushed us out.. but my stupid car took about 20 minutes to start up again., another car... STUPID people amaze me... even with us, sitting there "dead in the water"... tried to go through the same water...and stalled. the same guys pushed them out too...but their car..started in like three minutes and they were gone.... that's about when my girl started crying. not fun. she's fine now though, and we're home. but it was quite the little adventure.
so anyhow.. ya ...if i woulda known the entire town would flood in ten minutes, we would have stayed home and not tried to go to the movies. it's been raining for a friggen month... . i'm sick of it already.
first it ruins the fishing, and now we can't even go to the damn movie. erg.
ok... now, i have to go and cook dinner. no tellin when i'll get another turn online to "talk" to people.
anyhow... i shall return.. sometime between ummm.... i have no idea...it may be 5 or 6 in the morning. earlier if i demand some real time on here....i'm tired of posting and commenting without even a chance to proofread or anything., erg. i gotta go.

Tuesday Torment !

not such a bad day really, just sounded like a catchy title.
hello to my new visitors !

sorry i haven't been online much, but y'all know about the laptop torture, and with three computer junkies, now sharing ONE computer... well... as my sis said once
ALL MOTHERS GO TO THE BACK OF THE LINE ! i rarely get my time on here...unless it's like 5 a.m. and the rest of them are still sleeping.

so anyhow. this rain is gonna wash us away if it doesn't stop! it just showed the map thing on the news... there is rain EVERYWHERE! ERG!

but./.. we did manage to get in some fishing time earlier today. we left about 630 or 7 , and fished til it began to look like rain...and we could feel the mist in the air, and could actually see it pouring down off in the distance. so we decided to get off the lake before it got to us.; (the storm). we got caught in a really bad on in kansas on the lake once...it came in hard and fast, and it was bad. so now, we try to get off the water as soon as we can if the weather looks bad.

so, right after we got the boat loaded on the truck, the rain came. perfect timing ! but sadly, no fish. hubby got two small bass.... we weighed one of em... just to test the new scales out... he was a whopping 10 OZ. ! he was so cute though.
but ya all this rain, flooding, and heat on top of that.. the fish don't want to bite. and it makes me angry. i just can't believe all this friggin rain.

ok, so, we got home, got all the rods and tackle etc put up, and as soon as we came in i had to cook lunch. i knew if i sat down i wouldn't so i just cooked right away. i was starving...so was everyone else. i made chicken sandwiches and fries...and i tell ya , it beat the hell out of any fast food joint we woulda dropped 25 bucks at.

and after lunch i tried, very hard to take a nap...but didn't really get any sleep. my little dog attacked me, then my daughter came in and turned the tv way up... by the time i got the two of them out of my room, i just couldn't sleep. plus i got heartburn...then later, a headache. finally i gave up, and "i'm up now"

now we are about to go to the movies. we're going to the dollar theater to see Disturbia. i really want to see that, and we just found out it's over there. plus.,.. tuesdays are only 50 cents a ticket !! i only wish they had more comfortable seats there. i've been there a few times, but it's been a while... and it leaves MUCH to be desired. but .. we need to get the girl out of the house, so that's what we;re gonna do.

as for any comments i owe people... it will have to be later... cuz the movie starts at 5... it's almost 430... and rainin like a beeotch outside. for some reason, people forget how to drive in the rain here... it makes for hellish travels. luckily it's not very far from here.

ok... there.. i'm caught up....
i'm not a "posting slacker" anymore! just computer deprived. :))