Wednesday, May 27, 2009

holy hell, feel the burn !!!

i can't believe how fast this day is going by. and i had such big plans too. bill paying, errand running, po box checking, grocery shopping-- yes, at wally hell. ugh. do y'all think i have accomplished any of it? you're right. i have not. i have managed to SORT the bills, from what needs paid today, vs next week. i have balanced my checkbook-- i was only $7.01 off--in the banks favor of course. i made some important phone calls, and confirmed angies visit dates. woo hoo! that makes runnin out of time worthwile. but it only took like fifteen minutes to read and write a couple emails... so that's no excuse for not accomplishing my "list". nor does it make me feel one "iota" compensated for this damn burning in my back and neck that i have had goin on for the past three hours. OMG i think i may self combust at any moment. WTF people??? i know it's nerve pain, i also know little can be done about it. i just hate it hate it hate it. i have prolly od'd on muscle relaxers-- they've done nothing... well.. aside from the initial maybe half hour relief. someone please just kill me now.
ok-- i'll stop cryin. i just needed to bitch. you know how i am. just love me.
there is some good news to report-- ya wanna hear??? i am fixin to leave to go to hubbys work to pick up some paperwork---- that's why all the above whining sounded like my day was over--- even tho i don't head out for my child til 130.
-- what kind of paperwork? -- you may ask... well--- we've been workin on gettin a home loan.... i really hate to jump the gun--- especially after i was sayin what a realist i am the other day---- but yesterday , the lady i have been workin with sounded very optomistic about us gettin approved. and that was without paying anything off--or down. so if we hit a glitch, we are in a position to pay something off or whatever would help, ya know? soooo.... it looks like we are gonna be gettin into a house soon. our own house. wow-- it feels good to say that again. we've been renting for almost five years-- and each place has had issues. ugh. even the last place we owned had issues. talk about a money pit. i'm so ready to own my own house. i really don't want to get too excited too soon. or count my chickens before they hatch kinda thing. hell, we haven't even looked around yet. only maybe one place--til we realized it was way out in the sticks. hubby has looked at some.
crap-- i'm ramblin.. i gotta go-- i'll write more later on.