Friday, May 23, 2008

i'm amazed at how boring one week can be sometimes

happy friday folks-- it's finally the weekend-- sorta--
bout time eh?
i know lotsa peeps who've been lookin forward to today. actually the end of the day-- but hopefully that will come fast.
for all of us who want it to.

i was sittin here tryin to think of what to write about-- cuz we all know how exciting my life can be . i got nuthin . so i scrolled down some to see if i needed to update on anything. i did find a thing or two-- but in the process-- i realized-- my gawd-- i am one boring gal. not always-- sometimes, i can even make myself laugh-- but man, sometimes-- i even want quit reading my own page. y'all are awesome for puttin up with my do nuthin-say nuthin weeks, and days. seems this was a big ole cry baby week. quite forced writing too at times. sorry.

so anyhow-- i need to do somethin about that. what that will be.. i'm not sure about yet. but somethin exciting needs to happen around here. (ya right) but i'll try.

however--- there are a couple things i can toss in here for now..

tonight is our fishing tournament--- i am hoping that since i got a little fishing in , i'll be more ready for it this time. the lake really is different than the pond-- and my confidence , not as high there. but now that i am on a mission to show-up those grouchy guys-- i am hoping to do better. maybe not win-- although it would be real nice-- i just want to get some good fish. that lake has never been good for me though..and we used to live by it. fished it all the time, and i have never done well on that lake. i hope tonight is my night. maybe if it isn't a full moon, and my phone doesn't ring constantly-- it will be at least a little better. let's hope so.

and , speaking of the phone---- i got the call-back, on the abdominal ultrasound yesterday. exactly what i expected. they found nothing wrong. it's just the weirdest thing. i'm grateful that there is nothing wrong. but i still wonder why i was in so much pain. i swear it ranked first or second on my lifes scale of pain.. for days. yet they found nothing. well... they did of course find my frickin pancreas... :)) dumbasses.

so anyhow-- i spose today i need to finish with my house and business etc.. so i can fish tonight without worrying about what i "didn't " do. or shoulda done. or need to do. no slackin off today.
sushi's EEVEE bite is healing fairly well. she won't leave it alone though. it would probably be scabbed over by now--but she licks it all the time. but it isn't a gaping hole anymore at least. she didn't learn anything from whatever happened either, apparently. she still antagonizing eevee. for no reason. i am surprised at how sort of whimpy eevee can be sometimes. she could kill any one of these animals at will.. yet she is more afraid of them than they are of her. not as much as she was at first, but she still cowers and runs off when they challenge her-- but she will stand up to sushi more often..and that worries us. but eevee never starts it. sushi thinks she is the queen of the castle here... especially if she is on my lap and eevee comes over for some pets or to play-- sushi goes all badass on her-- i hope she doesn't get her face ripped off for it someday.

well... that's about all i can come up with at this time of day.
perhaps i will update later if i have time.. if not-- check back tomorrow for the tourney report--- and wish us luck. even if it's just big bass-- big bass gets paid.. and even that is shameful if a girl gets it. last week the 6 pounder paid out 90.00. we could use that-- on top of a little pay back ...

i know-- resentment is never good for the soul--- but i spent years in the navy being treated this way-- having to prove myself etc-- up against men.. so i guess it's just kinda comparable to that?? maybe. either way-- i'll get mine-- and they'll get theirs. maybe not tonight-- but one of these nights. :))

see y'all later

happy weekend--